The Study Half-Day Release

ImageThis takes place every Thursday afternoon with breaks for Summer, Christmas and Easter.

It is attended by all GPStR’s throughout the three years, whether in hospital or General Practice. Deanery targets are a minimum attendance of 80% while you are in general practice and 70% while in hospital posts. All types of leave classifications fall within the remaining 20% & 30% respectively.

The programme consists of topics related to general practice which are often prepared by the GPStR’s, talks by general practitioners, hospital specialists and paramedical staff, journal club and other activities designed to obtain the maximum amount of learning about general practice and to study aspects of the Doctor/Patient relationship.

The programme is prepared by collaboration with the Programme Directors and the GPStR’s themselves. A commitment to training on both sides is of paramount importance and it is essential that GPStR’s should try to give maximum enthusiasm to the Programme and their training.

By the end of the course it is hoped that all GPStR’s will have had a chance to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes, have an interest in Post Graduate Education for General Practice and be able to enter General Practice determined to improve patient care.

Joint Injection Practical Session 


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