Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Consultant Orthodontists:- Miss R Rimes, Mr H Jeremiah, Miss R Willis, Miss N Wright
Other Orthodontic clinical staff:- 1 post- CCST specialty registrar, 2 specialty registrars, 1 specialist orthodontist (P/T), 1 orthodontic therapist and 1 hygienist

The Orthodontic Department is situated in a large combined  department with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Restorative Dentistry.  The clinical facilities comprise 10 chairs, 4 of which are used by orthodontics.  1 surgery is equipped for restorative dentistry, implants and inhalation sedation and is used by the restorative and cleft paediatric service.  There is a laboratory which is run by 3 Orthodontic and OMFS technicians, who provide an in-house laboratory service.

Orthodontic records are digital, excepting study models which are kept in the department.  We have PACS networked digital radiography.  Photography is provided by Medical Illustration and, like radiography, it is accesible via computers in all clinical rooms and offices.

The Orthodontic clinicians share offices with the OMFS trainees.  There is ample desk space and computers, with cephalometric and orthognathic planning software.  A wide selection of textbooks and journal are kept in the department and Cambridge University Hospital medical library is on site.

The department works closely with OMFS, restorative dentistry and cleft paediatric dentistry and we run regular orthoganthic and hypodontia combined clinics.  Addenbrookes is the 'hub' for the regional cleft service, so registrars have opportunities to be involved in cleft MDT's.

Ipswich Hospital

Part of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation trust

Consultant:- Mr I Davis
​Other Orthodontic clinical staff:-  1 specialty registrar, 5 orthodontic therapists

The Orthodontic Department operates from two sites. It shares a clinic in the outpatient area with the Oral & Maxillofacial team but most of the treatment occurs at the satellite unit situated close to the hospital in a purpose built facility it shares with a specialist primary care practice. In the hospital department Orthodontics has access to 3 dental surgeries and there are 7 dental chairs (4 in a poly clinic) at the satellite unit. Both facilities have an onsite lab. 

The department is fully computerised with digital radiographs and uses both scanned and plaster models although the intention is to go completely computerised using 3D printing technology when required. Models for the StRs and for surgical cases are kept in hard copy for the ease of exam preparation and joint cases planning. Each surgery has an individual computer.

There is a large shared office for all the clinicians. Further extension is planned at the satellite facility for the summer 2017 to provide additional office space for the orthodontic trainees and improve changing facilities and the patient waiting area.  A feasibility study is also being undertaken to see whether the introduction of CBCT is required.

There are two OMFS consultants and the Orthodontic Department runs joint  Orthognathic clinics once a fortnight and participate in the regional Cleft multi-disciplinary clinics for which Ipswich Hospital orthodontic department is a “spoke” unit.


Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, Luton

Consultant Orthodontists:- Miss N Adali, Mr A Sattarzadeh, Mr M Seedat
Other Orthodontic clinical staff:- 1 specialty registrar, 3 specialty dentists (P/T)

The Orthodontic Department is situated in a combined department with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  The clinical facilities comprise 8 dental chairs, 3 of which are in a polyclinic solely used by Orthodontics.  There is a large, well-equipped laboratory with specialist orthodontic technicians.  The department has its own reception with experienced receptionists and secretaries.

Orthodontic records are digitised and accessible via chair-side computers.  Fully PACS networked digital radiography is available within the department.  Clinical photography is carried out by the orthodontic team using departmental photographic equipment.

The Orthodontic clinicians share an office and the registrar has desk space and a computer.

The department works closely with the large OMFS team which networks across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  We run regular orthoganthic combined clinics and the department is a 'spoke' unit for the regional cleft MDT.

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, Norwich

​Consultants:- Mr M Bainbridge, Mr J Bottomley, Mr S Abela​
Other Orthodontic clinical staff:- 2 specialty registrars, 2 specialist orthodontists (P/T), 3 DwSI (P/T)

The Orthodontic Department includes a specialist laboratory with 4 full-time and 1 part-time technicians.  Digital radiography is undertaken in the department by radiology staff and the hospital is PACS networked.  Digital photographs are undertaken by Medical Illustration.

Registrars have use of an office with desk space and computer, including digital tracing and orthognathic planning software.

We work closely with the Oral & Maxillofacial department which has 4 consultants.  Weekly orthognathic combined clinics and monthly cleft MDT are undertaken.

Southend University Hospital

Consultant Orthodontists:- Mr S Nute, Mr A Singh, Ms P Chhabra, Mr S Nandhra
Other clinical staff:- 3 specialty registrars, 1 specialist orthodontist (P/T)

The Orthodontic Department is situated in a combined department with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  The clinical facilities include seven dental chairs.  Three of these are in a polyclinic exclusively used by orthodontics and one in a separate self-contained surgery is shared with OMFS.  There is a large, well-equipped orthodontic laboratory with specialist orthodontic technicians.  Orthodontic records are stored in our own reception and the combined departments have our own experienced receptionists and secretaries.

We have digital photography and radiography.  The hospital is fully PACS networked with PCs available at each chair-side and office desk.  The Orthodontic clinicians share an office and registrars have their own desk space and computers with cephalometric digitising and orthognathic planning software. A wide selection of orthodontic textbooks and journals are available in the department.

The Orthodontic staff work closely with the Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon and the Consultant Oral Surgeon and their middle and junior grade dentists who are part of the Essex OMFS network of 5 OMFS consultants and 1 Oral Surgery consultant.  Regular orthognathic combined clinics are held with one of the OMFS consultants. Regular hypodontia combined clinics are held with a vising Consultant in Restorative Dentistry.  Registrars are involved in these as well as being able to attend the regional Cleft multi-disciplinary clinics for which Southend Hospital orthodontic department is a spoke unit.

Watford General Hospital

Consultant Orthodontists:- Mr H Moseley, Mrs C Nightingale, Mrs S Sidhom

The department at Watford General Hospital incorporates Orthodontic, Oral & Maxillofacial specialities and other diagnostic & dental surgery facilities.  A full range of office and diagnostic facilities will be available.  The department is self-contained and offers the latest facilities for providing dental and related services.The department has twelve surgeries, a fully equipped laboratory staffed by a full-time orthodontic technician, nursing and secretarial support. The Department of Diagnostic Radiology provides DPT, cephalometric and intra-oral radiographs.  Computerised facilities are available for cephalometric analysis, surgical planning, digital photography and audit.



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