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Governance Mechanism

Governance Overview

Focussed content creation pathways and robust governance processes that convey a consistent message of how the Platform should be used, together with the quality of the material produced, heavily underpins Trainee user experience.

In general, Individual Project/Specialty Leads together with the Content Lead develop the overall teaching program into Learning Packages, using a curriculum matrix (example below). The matrix should include the following: 

  • Curriculum Topics that are broken down into manageable Learning Packages that need to be covered over the next 3 years. 

  • Learning Objectives for the Topic covered in the Learning Package, the mode of delivery (eg Live lectures, online courses or both), and the Subject Matter Experts who can quality assure the content.

  • Review dates 


A Working Group forms the “team on the ground”, developing and delivering The Learning Packages designed by Specialty Leads and TPDs using the Online Platform. See Quality Assurance Page for more information on how content is created.

These groups are supported by the Operations Group who provide technical and troubleshooting support to both users and educators. The diagrams below depict the structure of the workforce involved in supporting the platform in achieving its goals. Click on the cross-hairs/magnifying glass to get a more info:





Teaching and Learning Clinical Fellows (Course Designers of the Working Group)

The Fellows are the main content creators of the Platform. They essentially "digitalise" the content provided by Subject matter experts. Where appropriate fellows may create content of their own but this must be Quality Assured by subject matter experts, the Blended Learning Leads and TPDs. More info on this on our Content Creation Process page.


Specialty Content Sync Meetings

This meeting will occur every 1-2 months. Think of this as the Educational MDT!  All Teaching and Learning Fellows must attend along with The Blended Learning Leads so that content creation can be coordinated and the risk of duplicate courses mitigated. It is also an opportunity of specialties to collaborate on projects that would clearly cross their respective fields. Our Critical Care Pharmacists, Paediatric and Trauma Network Educators  as well as our GP Physicians Assistant TPDs will also attend!


Educational Needs Assessments

Currently TPDs and Blended Learning Leads determine what content best fits the needs of Trainees and Curriculum Requirements. We are exploring formalising this process to improve our Governance Processes.


If you would like to dive deeper into our governance processes feel free to read our Bridge & Panopto SOP



The Strategic Group

The Strategic Group ensures that the Platform is operating as intended in achieving its short- and long-term goals, specifically 

  • Ensuring Project and Operations managers have the resources they require to achieve these goals. 

  • Ensuring the quality of the content is of the highest possible standard. 

  • Makes decisions surrounding Research and Development potential and direction. 

  • Keeping the HEE TEL strategy aligned with the regional strategy. 

  • Resolution of disputes over quality and delivery of educational content. 

  • Maintaining and reviewing processes that underpin the operational capacity of the platform. 

  • Identifies areas where workforce recruitment maybe beneficial. 

  • Its members must be updated on how the platform is performing using the qualitative and quantitative metrics.  


The Associate Dean

The Associate Dean (AD) overseas and directs the processes above, ensuring that all groups are working towards satisfying the goals of the platform and raises any issues to the Strategic Group, expediently if required. The AD also mediates bilateral, structured, and meaningful communication between the Strategic Group, Project and Operations Managers and The Working Group to keep working relationships effective and dynamic. 

Project Manager

Is ultimately responsible for:

  • Collating the all metrics of the platform including user satisfaction
  • Drives the review process for the platform 
  • Maintains the budget
  • Undertakes any necessary procurement process
The Operations Group

The Operations Group ensures that The Project Leads and Working Group have the tools and resources required to carry out their tasks for the platform. They are also expected to ensure that all users on the platform are updated, in the correct groups and aid smooth transition of data during the “change-over” period. They are expected to facilitate any ongoing training or troubleshooting for users where necessary. This allows The Working Group to focus on delivering high quality education without bureaucratic distraction. It should be noted that any TPD should also be prepared to quality assure educational content over above the quality control lead in The Working Group for their specialty.  

Individual Specialty Leads

The Individual Specialty Lead designs an educational program of teaching that is curriculum mapped and consistent with the goals of the Online Platform. The program is usually formed of a combination of Online Courses and Live training events typical of a Blended learning approach, that culminates into a holistic and complete educational experience for trainees. When designing the educational program, they identify curriculum items that form discrete topics which can be made into a Course and/or Live event (Step 1 in Figure 3). They package curriculum items into relevant topics and suggest subject matter experts, within or outside the EoE, that are best placed to teach these programs/courses/events. The Working Group delivers the educational program designed by the Specialty Lead using the Online Platform (Step 2 -4), any webinar and/or Third Party software. Packages. This includes training educators/subject matter experts in using webinar packages to deliver lectures using Tech Support. 

The Working Group

The Working Group (WG) forms the foundations of the Platform. It consists of a group of Consultants, Trainees and HEE Fellows with specific skills who organise, create and deliver educational events and courses on the platform. It is made up of the following roles listed below with their corresponding desired attributes/skill set: 

  • Quality Assurance Officer – Coordinates a Peer Review of all online content produced on the platform for their Specialty. Has an Educationalist background with high amounts of subject matter knowledge. Uses the Quality Checklist to ensure all e-learning design best practice principles are followed. Ensures the content is accurate and up to date. 

  • Content Lead/Coordinator – Contacts subject matter experts, collates all relevant educational content and material from journals/guidelines and writes the main body of content. Think of this role as the “screenplay to the Course”. Requires high subject matter knowledge base, knows when to reach out to sub-specialty subject matter experts. Knows when a to use a live training event i.e. discussion over and above theory. Minimum technological skill required but must understand the principles of Blending learning and the functionality of the platform. 

  • Online Course designer – Builds and designs online course material on Bridge with the content produced by or with the Content Lead. Confident technologist with high levels of tech initiative. Understand subject topics but does not need high levels of knowledge. Has lots of design flair, willing to incorporate and create interactive pictures/videos that complement but not distract from the main learning objectives. Also willing to experiment with R&D pilots. 

  • Tech Support – High levels of technological knowledge. A Bridge superuser who can help troubleshoot user problems and/or course design issues. Available to provide additional training for rotating members of the Group. 

  • School Administrator – Creates a Bridge Live event. Creates Zoom/Teams links and pastes them into Bridge Live event. Attaches Program and schedule to the Bridge Live event. Assigns Groups to the Live events in Bridge. Creates an online feedback form using either the HEE Survey tool or a Google event feedback form. Collates feedback. Audits attendance by exporting live training event data from Bridge. 

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