If attending a National Selection Centre / Interview please kindly request interview forms from the Lead Recruiter


  • Can I claim interview expenses?

Candidates are able to claim reimbursement for reasonable interview expenses; provided a claim has been submitted within 1 month of interview date, which will be paid back by various Hospital Trusts across the region.

Candidates must fully complete ALL sections of the Candidate Expense Form, paying particular attention to the guidance on page 3. Claims not adhering to the guidance will not be paid.

Please note, interview expenses are split and reimbursed by various Trusts across the region. No candidate expenses are sent to Trusts until the end of a recruitment round, and then it is up to the medical staffing departments of Trusts to process the expenses. This entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months. Please be patient when waiting for your expenses to be reimbursed.


  • Can I claim relocation and/or travel expenses?

You may be eligible to apply for relocation and/or travel expenses, please see the Relocation website to check eligibility and details of how to apply.

If you have any queries after reading the above policy please email the relocation administrator at: HEEE.relocationexpenses@nhs.net