R-ITI is the innovative award-winning e-learning resource for trainee radiologists. The R-ITI was a collaborative project between the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the Department of Health (England). The project concluded in March 2007 and the RCR is now responsible for updating the electronic database (e-LD) which is a key component of the resource.

The process of updating and maintenance falls to the e-LD Editorial Board.

Need access to the e-LD?

The R-ITI in the form of the e-LD is now available to all Radiologists working in the NHS. If you do not have access to the e-LD ask your training scheme's R-ITI/e-LD administrator. If you don't know who this is then the Head of Training/Programme Director or Regional Education Adviser of your training scheme should be able to advise you. If you are not associated with a training scheme or cannot identify your e-LD administrator then please contact support@e-lfh.org.uk - they will be able to provide you with a password. You will need to provide them with:

e-mail address
Organisation name
Your base hospital/trust name

We are aware that a few hospitals' IT firewalls prohibit access to the e-LD. It should always be possible to access it from a home PC with appropriate internet access.

e-LfH will provide the following support:

  • Establish contact with your IT Department.
  • Ensure correct firewall ports are opened overseeing of correct local Computer configuration where R-ITI/e-LD will be utilised.
  • Appropriate training will also be provided. Training will include navigation of e-LfR R-ITI content. An ongoing relationship will be maintained. This will typically include the ability to create new R-ITI/e-LD users, administer accounts and change passwords
  • Maintain an on-going relationship with the RITI Administrator and be available to receive escalations as and where necessary. e-LfH is happy to re-visit any R-ITI/e-LD Administrator who may need further training or just a refresher on training previously received.
  • There are a number of other RCR e-learning projects under development; these are co-ordinated by the e-learning Oversight Group
  • Arrangements are in hand to license access to the e-LD to colleges, institutions or universities outside the UK.