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Hi, I’m Flora and I’m coming to the end of my radiology training at Cambridge. I’ve had a great time training in Radiology with most of my time being spent at Addenbrooke’s. I have been exposed to a vast range of pathologies; it is a busy hospital and leads the way in the treatment of many diseases, it’s been a real privilege to be around such innovation and this will definitely stand me in good stead for consultant life.

There is always something to get involved with and whatever you are interested in, it’s likely we can cater for you. For example, I’ve been involved in lots of educational and management activities. The hospital has very strong links with the University of Cambridge so if this is something that interests you, there are plenty of opportunities.

In the last year of my training I undertook a year in the Cambridge Breast Unit. This has been by far my favourite year, I’ve been welcomed into the team, really improved my procedural skills and developed my communication skills further. This support has allowed me to grow in confidence and look forward to becoming a new consultant.


Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire


Hi, I'm Nazia and I'm a radiology trainee in the Essex, Beds and Herts training programme in the East of England region. I am based at Colchester Hospital in Essex where I am one of two trainees. Like all of the hospitals in our region, mine is a DGH as part of a larger trust providing services to a large population.

The way that our departments work and how training is structured in our programme really enables you to quickly build up your fundamental skills in general radiology which will become invaluable in your career as a radiologist. Being in a DGH we are also exposed to a wide range of pathology, often being the first people to see it during the initial presentations. Our consultants are always to hand with their expertise and we benefit from lots of one-to-one feedback during our reporting sessions.

Although Colchester Hospital is the base for my training, I have been able to spend some time in other hospitals within the region to ensure that I get the most out of my modules. The flexibility and support offered by the supervisors, tutors and TPD is one of the major advantages of training in EBH. The consultant body in our region are always striving to development new ways to support us through our training and membership exams. I can honestly say that choosing a career in Radiology is a choice I have never regretted and I am very pleased with how my training is going so far in the EBH programme.


East of England Imaging Academy


Hi, I'm Jennie and I am a Radiology Registrar in the East of England based at the Imaging Academy in Norwich.

The Academy is a unique and fantastic place to undergo radiology training and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. The first year is carefully structured to allow trainees to learn the basics of radiology in a supported environment, which I feel is essential as this specialty is so vastly different to others that trainees may have worked in before. Also, in being an academy, we have a large registrar body which creates a wonderful collegiate atmosphere and helps to foster great friendships.

At Norwich, we are actively encouraged to take part in both teaching and research, with plenty of opportunities for teaching within the hospital and at the university. There are also various leadership and management courses which are offered both within Norwich and the East of England deanery, which are widely enjoyed. The in-house teaching is second-to-none in this training scheme with consultants going out of their way to help you learn and guide you through the FRCR exams, from physics and anatomy in your first year to the final viva-style exam.

I can highly recommend radiology training at the Norwich Radiology Academy in the East of England deanery. It enables people to become competent and confident radiologists by providing a hugely friendly, structured and supported training environment.


Friday, 3 January, 2020
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Friday, 3 January, 2020