About Us

ImageThe East of England Postgraduate School of Radiology

Welcome to the Postgradutae School of Radiology.  The site showcases the excellent training and education offered by the former East of England Multi-Professional Deanery in Radiology. The site will provide a portal for prospective  trainees interested in joining the specialty.

In addition it allows ease of communication, the opportunity to share good practice and a forum for the promotion of new ideas and developments to existing trainees and trainers.

Health Education East of England the former East of England Multi-Professional Deanery has long established  reputation of providing training programmes that have produced gold medal winning trainees in Clinical Radiology. There are programmes based in Cambridge and Norwich, with a third rotation having been established recently in Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, The teaching departments and the Regional Radiology Training Committee have depth and breadth of experience and  an enthusiasm for training.The creation of the School will support the training committee and radiology departments in delivering the highest quality training for Radiologists.

The responsibilities of the School are to:

  •  share good practice to ensure trainees get the best support in their professional development
  •  stimulate research  and innovation in Radiology training
  •  ensure quality assurance
  •  lead on the strategic agenda with stakeholders

The site gives an overview of the rotations, information of current activity and meetings, together with links to other essential sources of educational material.

We rely on users to ensure that the site provides an essential and practical arena for education and training in Radiology, and look forward to your feedback.

Head of School of Radiology    Dr Mark Alexander

Regional Advisor                         Dr Angela Tasker