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Health Education England have brought together the Physician Associates across the East of England to work collaboratively and share resources.

More information on Physician Associates in the East of England can also be found in the PDF brochure. 

Monthly East of England PA webinars. Held online 6:30 - 7:30pm on 4th Thursday of every month - Sign up via Eventbrite

Physician Associate Podcast - Click here to listen to James Catton's 'The Physician Associate Podcast'


New Multiprofessional Foundation School! :


We are really excited to announce the launch of the multiprofessional foundation school in this Autumn term 2022! we are linking with the foundation schools in dentistry, pharmacy and Physicans Associates to offer joint learning opportunities. 


We have a thriving and innovative medical foundation school in the East of England. This school has adapted to technology enhanced learning, been innovative in the types of learning opportunities provided, and with the year trial has successfully embedded some multiprofessional teaching with PA which can now be expanded.

This is opportunity to be creative and support the development of multiprofessional learning and adoption of shared culture within our earliest post graduate years, and their educational faculty.

This is a unique national offer. It is innovative and aligns well with the ideals and aspirations of HEE. There is significant national interest in the practicalities and the results of this endeavour. 

Physician Associates in secondary care

To support the launch of the multiprofessional foundation offer after a successful pilot, expressions of interest are being asked of our secondary care trusts for 40 secondary care foundation placements for PA newly graduated or within their first year.

Dr Preethi Gopinath is the PA FTPD for the programme, based at PAH. There will shortly be advertised posts for PA facilitators to support the secondary care programme. Look at HEE Jobs!

Dr Helen Johnson is the Deputy Dean supporting the multiprofessional school and the MAPs programme.

Contact either for more information.


Physician Associates 

Are you a Physician Associate working in the East of England? - get in touch with your local Physician Associate Ambassador so they can connect with you and involve you in local events.

Looking to employ a Physician Associate? or considering a career as a Physician Associate? Check out our FAQs below.

What is a Physician Associate?

Defined by the Department of Health, a Physician Associate (PA) is a "healthcare professional who, while not a doctor, works to the medical model with the attitudes, skills and knowledge base to deliver holistic care and treatment within the general medical/surgical and/or general practice team under defined levels of supervision"

Please see the following video "Physician associates in the East of England" which has been made by James Catton who is the PA Ambassador for the Suffolk & North East Essex area The video provides a great insight into 'a day in the life of a PA':


Where can a Physician Associate work and what do they do?

PAs are employed directly by the trust or surgery in which they work. In hospitals PAs work across a wide variety of specialities including medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine.

More information on Physician Associates in the East of England can also be found in the PDF brochure.

Where can I train to be a PA within the East of England?
How can I recruit a qualified PA within the East of England?

The Kent, Sussex and Surrey school of Physician Associates has an excellent page on 'Employing a Physician Associate'  including a link to all of the information on the Faculty of Physician Associates Royal College of Physicians page.  


If you are an employer within EOE, we strongly recommend you contact your local PA Ambassador (link above) to support your recruitment process.  Most PA posts are advertised on NHS jobs.


Facilitating PA students is a fantastic way to gain understanding of the role and to 'road test' PAs within a team.  If you are interested in supporting PA students for a clinical placement then please contact your local PAA or HEI (links on tabs above)

East of England PA Network meetings - updates, meeting minutes & recordings

To view the recording of the 8th April PA Network meeting, please click here 

The date of the next meeting will be confirmed in due course.

Monthly Teach-in session recordings

25th March 2021 - “Toxicology” - presented by Dr Alex Oram, ST3, Peterborough Hospital - click here to view the recording

22nd April 2021 - 'An approach to chest pain' - presented by Dr Leon Pearcy, Academic FY2, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn - click here to view the recording

27th May 2021 - 'Dizziness' - presented by Dr Anem Mirza, GPST2 - click here to view the recording

22nd July 2021 - 'Traumatic Fractures' - presented by Dr Zeyar Naing from Luton and Dunstable hospital - click here to view the recording

28th Oct 2021 - 'Perinatal mental health' - presented by Dr Katharine Nowlan  - click here to view the recording

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