Physician Associates in the East of England - Physician A ssociate Ambassadors (PAA)

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Lead Physician Associate Ambassador (PAA)
Pauline Weir
Lead Physician Associate Ambassador

I graduated from St George's, University of London in 2016.  Previously I was a Diabetes Dietitian for almost 15 years working in both acute and community settings.  I have worked in primary care since qualifying as a PA and am now the lead PA for College Health in Thurrock, Essex.  We employ 10 physician associates across our practices.  I have been seconded to work for HEE as the lead physician associate ambassador for the East of England.  I am also the on the faculty of physician associates as part of the professional standards committee.

PAA for Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes
Mehreen Shafiq
PAA for Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes

My name is Mehreen Shafiq and I am a Physician Associate currently working in primary care within Luton. I completed my training at University of Birmingham in 2018 and relocated to Milton Keynes in 2019. I chose to work in Primary Care as I enjoyed the continuity from seeing patients in addition to working amongst a variety of skill mix within a GP setting.  Since relocating I have also acted as the PA ambassador for BLMK with an aim to increase the awareness of PAs and their role in primary care through preceptorships, student placements and mentoring.

PAA for Hertfordshire and West Essex
Emma Day
PAA for Hertfordshire and West Essex

My name is Emma Day and I have been a PA working in Primary Care since 2010.  I am also the PAA for Hertfordshire and West Essex.  I have been involved in teaching at the University of Hertfordshire and have just recruited a team of 3 new PAs to work alongside me in our PCN.   

2020 has been a big year for PAs nationwide, not only have we supported the NHS in responding to a pandemic, we have reached critical numbers and are about to see a lot of development within our profession.   

My role as a PAA involves me networking across Mental Health, Primary Care and Secondary Care throughout Herts and WE.  I promote the role, support employers, enable student placements, work closely with the Universities, facilitate peer support, provide training and promote the role in any way possible!