What Participants say...

“I was attracted to the Scheme as the people in it seemed happy and to enjoy their training” - Emily ST1

"The topics covered in the VTS training afternoons are relevant and interesting, and the awaydays on topics such as domestic abuse and drugs/alcholism were arranged with high profile speakers" - Friya ST2

“Team oriented, academically focussed, socially integrated, success assured” - Mohammed ST2

"The West Cambridgeshire VTS is a relatively small but vibrant group with enthusiastic and supportive trainers. Overall a positive and happy experience." - Catherine ST2

"Close knit professional relations with peers which is very helpful to successfully completing training" - Vivek ST1

"Hinchingbrooke Hospital provides the hospital based jobs for the scheme. It is a small and friendly hospital with very supportive consultants providing a great environment to learn in. This was a preferred option for me compared to a very large university hospital where you often feel like a very small fish in a large ocean" - Kathryn ST3

"Small friendly VTS group with approachable programme directors" - Reyney ST3

"All the hospital jobs are relevant and in the same small hospital which has allowed me to plan my living arrangements easily. I have found consultants in other specialties have been happy to have me sit in on outpatient clinics for training purposes." - Chandra ST1

“We don’t learn to be rocket scientists, but we do learn to be good, solid, patient-centred GPs” - Anthony ST3

“Small enough that you know everyone” - Kirsty ST2