Why Southend?



About Southend - Taking its name as the ‘south end’ of Prittlewell village, it became a popular seaside resort for Londoners during the Victorian era. Only 30 miles from London and with easy access by train and road, the town's economy has largely been based on tourism ever since.

Southend Pier is the world's longest pleasure pier at 1.34 miles long, it hasn’t enjoyed the best of health, with a number of incidents and injuries over the years, most recently a further fire in October 2005.

Southend area has the usual selection of theatres and cinemas, a wider than average range of restaurants and eateries, and very easy transport links with central London for an evening at the West End.

GP Training - As far as GP training is concerned we are fortunate to have a wide range of excellent hospital posts and GP placements.   There are opportunities to broaden your experience 'out of programme'.   We run a regular half-day release programme on Wednesday afternoons which is highly regarded and the two-day 'Residential' is the highlight of the year (includes overnight stay)!

The trainees form lasting relationships which are very supportive of one another, helping one another through exam preparation,  keeping in touch during maternity leave and so on.  As Training Programme Directors we pride ourselves in being available to answer queries and offer support if problems arise.   In addition we are ably assisted by our excellent scheme administrators, Nicole and Nicola.

If you want to find out more please feel free to contact one of us by clicking our name below for an informal chat!

Lionel Nagle
Sajid Azeem

Nithya Viswanath

Nicole Edgell & Nicola Mason (Admin)



"Southend GPSTP is very diverse in providing training opportunities - from hospital medicine to an elite list of primary care practices. Great interest is taken to ensure that the RCGP curriculum is adhered to, with weekly teaching tutorials and every possible measure is taken to support trainees with relevant guidance to enhance their skill". 

Supportive and welcoming

"Very supportive and welcoming group learning.  Trainers always available and v approachable, happy to help with queries and concerns." 

Transferred to Southend

"I joined the Southend GPVTS scheme as an ST3 trainee and I can safely say it has left me ready and as well equipped as anyone can be for the world of GP. There are several teaching practices available across the area to give trainees plenty of hands on experience; approachable trainers  who are ready to help with personal or academic issues;  and the VTS programme itself promises interesting topics relevant to everyday general practice. Best of all, there is plenty of opportunity to learn about life as a GP (after all the exams!) with topics discussed at the VTS days as well as on the residential. I've had a great experience - thank you!"

A great location

"Enjoyable way to learn amongst colleagues in a stress free and supported environment."

"Great location - by the sea but close enough to the city for a quick commute."

Friendly hospital

"The hospital itself is a friendly environment in which to learn. The porters, cooks, cleaners etc say hello to you....it's a small thing but really makes a difference to how you feel about coming to work."

Friday, 15 March, 2019
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Friday, 15 March, 2019