Foundation doctor The terms Foundation doctor and trainee are used interchangeably: Foundation year 1 (F1), Foundation year 2 (F2).
Community trainee Foundation doctors working in community posts including general practice, psychiatry, public health and hospice placements.
Placement A 4 month job for a Foundation Trainee in a particular specialty. 
Rotation A yearlong job for a Foundation Trainee made up of three placements. There will be one F1 rotation and one F2 rotation. 
Programme The whole two year period for a Foundation Trainee made up of 6 placements and two rotations (F1 and F2). 
Post A yearlong job at a hospital in a particular specialty. Three Foundation Trainees may occupy this job one after the other each year. 
HEE Health Education England – finances and oversees the education, training and development of all NHS staff. 
HEE-EoE Health Education England East of England office – a geographic division of HEE. 
LETB Local Education and Training Board – the responsible body for postgraduate medical training, headed by the Postgraduate Dean. 
Postgraduate Dean The head of a LETB and the person ultimately responsible for all postgraduate training in that area (“responsible officer”). 
Foundation Schools Not bricks and mortar institutions, but rather a conceptual group of institutions bringing together medical schools, the local deanery, trusts (acute, mental health and CCGs) and other organisations such as hospices. They aim to offer training to foundation doctors in a range of different settings and clinical environments. The schools are administered by a central local staff, which is supported by the deanery.
Foundation School Director The Head of a Foundation School and the person to whom the Postgraduate Dean delegates responsibility for the training and support of Foundation Trainees in their school.  They oversee planning and delivery of training and quality assurance, assisted by the Foundation School Manager and Administrator.
Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD) the nominated consultant at a Hospital Trust responsible for the day-to-day training, educational programme and support of the Foundation Trainees at that Trust. 
Educational Supervisor A mentor and advisor assigned to a Foundation Trainee for a whole rotation, who is responsible for helping the trainee achieve their learning objectives and completing the FP. 
Clinical Supervisor A Consultant or other nominated healthcare worker directly responsible for the clinical work a Foundation Trainee does on a day to day basis in a particular placement.