Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Training Scheme

The Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (EBH) Training Scheme is primarily based in DGH’s and is a sub deanery of the larger East of England deanery. We cover a wide area across the Essex, Bedford and Hertfordshire counties and are currently in the process of expanding our host trust numbers to accommodate an increase in trainee numbers.

The current trusts on rotation are: Luton & Dunstable, Princess Alexandra (Harlow), Colchester, Basildon and Southend. We have recently incorporated Chelmsford, West Herts, Stevenage/Lister and Peterborough.

Each year new trainees are allocated to a ‘host trust’, which is their base for the duration of the five year training. It is intended that registrars will carry out the majority of their training and service provision at their ‘host trust’ but there are plenty of options to undertake core and higher curriculum modules at neighbouring trusts. Applicants will be able to select a preference for their base hospital.

This means that the trainees benefit from a high level of one-to-one consultant supervision and “on the job” training compared to larger teaching hospitals. There is also a broad range of pathology in the DGH setting which provides valuable experience. There are often visiting radiology trainees from neighbouring training schemes (Cambridge and Norfolk & Norwich) doing their DGH placements in the various departments, with up to eight trainees in total in one department at any one time. This means that there are plentiful opportunities for interaction with peers across the region.

We have established a Training Faculty in the EBH scheme which provides a platform whereby trainees and trainers can exchange ideas and information on a regular basis. We promote a training environment where the trainers are approachable and readily available. The scheme benefits from having a large number of experienced and committed trainers who are keen to teach.

To this effect recent developments include the establishment of a consultant led FRCR part 2A teaching program and we have appointed a new associate training program director Dr Balvinder Chahil. We also hold the popular Luton 2B FRCR courseBasildon A to ZEE FRCR course and Southend 2B Long Case and Rapids course throughout the year. There are additional events held in association with the two other sub-deaneries. 

For more information, to arrange visits and talk with existing trainees contact the Programme Director: Dr Sheena McLaggan or visit the EBH Radiology Scheme website.



Which hospitals are on rotation?

Based at Acute Trusts in the three counties the programme benefits not just from the intense and personalised training in an acute Trust with a small number of trainees, but also from the  integration with major Teaching hospitals, and the proximity of base hospitals to London. 

The training is spread over 5 trusts in the Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire radiology training programme:

  1. Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, Luton
  2. Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow
  3. Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals, Basildon
  4. Southend University Hospital NHS foundation trust, Southend
  5. Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, Colchester.

The scheme has recently expanded and we now incorporate Chelmsford, West Herts, Stevenage/Lister and Peterborough. Please refer to the hospitals on rotation page on the Scheme's website for more information regarding individual trusts.

Although most of the training is carried out at base trusts there are opportunities to undertake modules in other hospitals within the deanery.



Will I be based at one hospital for the duration of my training?

Yes, but you may need to travel to other hospitals in the Eastern Deanery for certain attachments and/or training opportunities. For example the paediatric modular training is largely provided at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, and the monthly protected Part 2 teaching rotates around the various DGH’s in the region. The Physics teaching in the first year also currently takes place in Cambridge and/or Norfolk & Norwich.

Do i get a choice of which DGH i am placed at?

Yes. When you have accepted a place on the EBH Training Scheme, you will be asked to rank the DGH’s which have vacant posts in order of preference. The posts are then allocated according to your ranking at the National Recruitment interviews. The highest ranked of the newly appointed trainees gets their first choice of DGH etc.

Does every DGH have vacant posts each year?

No. The number and site of the vacant posts varies from year to year. Some years only 2 or 3 of our 9 Trusts will have vacancies, some years it will be the majority of Trusts. We should be able to give a clearer idea of which Trusts will have vacancies in January or February of each year.

Will i need to spend time in each trust during my training?

It is highly unlikely that you will spend time at every Trust in the training scheme. You will spend the majority of the time at your base hospital and are likely to rotate to one or two other hospitals at various times during your training.

Is there protected teaching time?

Yes. There is protected teaching time for Physics and Anatomy in the first six months, and then for Part 2 teaching from then onwards. There is a 2 year rolling programme of Part 2 teaching which takes place on one afternoon per month and rotates around the various DGH’s.

What are the on call arrangements?

These vary depending on which DGH you are based in. But usually you will start on-call in your first year. However, this will always be under close supervision of a consultant. Initially all your reports will be checked by a consultant, and then as you gain in experience you will start to report some studies unsupervised.