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Validation Supervisor Application for Approval for PLVE

To help ensure consistency and efficiency, and to enhance the quality of the Performers List Validation by Approval (PLVE) programme, all PLVE Validation Supervisors are required to undertake the same assessment / interview process as Dental Foundation Educational Supervisors. This usually takes place twice a year, one tranche at the same time as the substantive Dental Foundation Training Educational Supervisor application, and a second tranche in the summer of each year.

The Approval Process and Timetable

The stages of PLVE Validation Supervisor (VS) and PLVE Practice approval will commence when the relevant application forms are completed and submitted to the HEE local office. In the past, the PLVE Validation Supervisor application could not progress until the assessment for the PLVE Validation Experience Dentist (VED) had been completed and the period of the PLVE programme had been identified. This policy has been amended and an application to become VS will now be accepted without an identified VED, and if an appointment is made this will be valid for up to two years, dependent upon circumstances and facilities remaining unchanged.

In making the application there is an agreement to provide funding to HEE to cover the costs of the VS approval processes (see  the Agreement of Payment for VS Approval form). The proposed PLVE Validation Supervisor will be responsible for the cost of the initial practice visit, selection interview and training of the PLVE Validation Supervisor. Practice inspection and interview costs will apply irrespective of the outcome of the PLVE Validation Supervisor approval process.

The cost of  as subsequent PLVE Programme for a VED including the initial assessment, the commencement, monitoring, completion and sign-off of the PLVE programme will be covered by either the proposed PLVE Validation Supervisor; the Performer; or a third party. 


For any queries relating to Supervisor applications please contact plve.me@hee.nhs.uk


Tuesday, 16 April, 2019
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Tuesday, 16 April, 2019