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NHS England is committed to maximising opportunities for the development of SAS Doctors in the East of England (EoE). We recognise SAS Doctors and Dentists are a very important group who provide stability and service delivery across Trusts and Dental Practices. SAS Doctors and Dentists are a diverse group of doctors ranging in experience from four years post qualification to, in some cases, over thirty years of medical experience.

Consisting of Specialty Doctors, Associate Specialists, Staff Grades, hospital practitioners, clinical assistants, senior clinical medical officers and clinical medical officers, this group of staff is referred to as the Staff, Associate specialists and Specialty Doctors (SAS) group. Each has their own personal and professional development needs extending beyond their delivery of clinical service.

Service provision has traditionally been viewed as the main role of SAS Doctors and Dentists, and they make significant contributions to the advancement of medicine and the profession in areas of leadership, education, research and governance. 


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Individual Royal Colleges will have further information on SAS Doctors. Please visit the relevant College website for more information.
Tuesday, 16 June, 2020
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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020