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Each of the Acute, Community and Mental Health Trusts in NHS England have appointed a SAS Tutor whose primary role is to provide support and guidance for SAS Doctors and Dentists in the Trust. The Tutor should be the first port of call for any SAS Doctor needing advice or guidance. Part of the Tutor's role is to liaise with the Director of Medical Education within the Trust and to enhance the profile of SAS Doctors. 

Please see the information below on the SAS Tutors in each of the Trusts in the East of England. You will also find a list of SAS Specialty Leads who have volunteered to provide specialty specific guidance and advise to SAS Doctors.

Full details of the responsibilities of the post can be found in the example Job Description at the bottom of the page


Associate Postgraduate Dean for SAS
Professor Shahid Khan
Associate Postgraduate Dean for SAS Doctors & LEDs, Visiting Professor & Academic Medical Lead School of Medical and life Sciences University of Herts
SAS & LED Tutors

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals 

SAS Tutor:  

Mr Syed Kabeer -


Bedford Hospital 

SAS Tutor:  


Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

SAS Tutor:  

Gail Horan - 


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust 

SAS Tutor:   

Purvy Patel -  


Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust 

SAS Tutor:   

Deepa Agarwal -


East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust 

SAS Tutor:  

Farrukh Sheikh - 

LED Tutor:  

Gunjan Jain - 


East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust 

Colchester Hospital:  

Dr Suman Raj Bandela - 

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust:  

Dr Sharmila Poovali - 


Essex Partnership University Foundation Trust 

North Essex SAS Tutor:  

Dr Rachna Bansal - 

South Essex SAS Tutor:   

Dr Victor Udu - 


Hertfordshire Community Health Service 

SAS Tutor:  

Sandra Tawafig -


Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

SAS Tutor:  

Dr Kunle Ashaye -


James Paget University Hospitals 

SAS Tutor:  

Dr Balakrisanan Saravanan - 


Luton and Dunstable Hospital 

SAS Tutor:  

Waheed Murad - 


Mid Essex Hospital (Broomfield Hospitals) 

SAS Tutor:  

Ali Kordzadeh - 


Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust 

Norfolk SAS Tutor:  

Dr Amit Chawla -

Suffolk SAS Tutor:  

Dr Gabriela Martyn - 


Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital 

SAS Tutor:  

Ajay Kamanth - 


Norfolk Community Health & Care 

Currently Vacant:  

For queries, please contact - 


North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust 


Peterborough and Stamford:  

Dhakshinamoorthy Vijayasankar - 

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust:  

Dr Shaukat Mirza - 


Royal Papworth Hospital 



Southend University Hospital 

SAS Tutor:  

Mohammad Ali Khan - 


The Princess Alexandra Hospital 

SAS Tutor:  

Mr Fouad Kaldas - 


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (King's Lynn) 

SAS Tutor:  

Dr Narayanan Vinodkumar - 


West Hertfordshire Hospitals 

SAS Tutor:  

Vimoshan Arumuham - 

LED Tutor:  

Nida Suri - 



SAS & LED Research Lead
Ali Kordzadeh
CESR Champions
For Doctors considering applying for the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) we have a number of advisors who are willing to provide help and support.  We also have a number of SAS Doctors who provide SAS Representation on specialty School Boards within NHS England.
These Doctors are able to provide advice for SAS Doctors following the Certificate of Eligibility Specialist Register route.

Please see below for CESR Champion contact information:

For information relating to the CESR application process please click here.
NHSE Faculty Support
NHSE administrative support for SAS Doctors is provided by the Faculty Support Team.
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