Weekly Release Programme

GP Teaching

GP Teaching - Timetable below

Wednesday's (see dates below)

Classroom 7/8  in Education Centre -unless timetable says otherwise

Arrangements from September 2017

12pm-1pm "Lunch Club"

1pm - 3.15pm Trainees in practice

3.30-5pm Trainees in hospital join group.


We run an education programme on Wednesday afternoon’s from 13:00 to 17:00. This will run for 30 weeks of the year split into three terms. You are expected to attend every week for the whole afternoon during your general practice attachments, although we do allow you to have the occasional holiday!! Your average attendance should be 90% and a record is kept of this because we have to send the Deanery attendance figures on a regular basis.


In addition a lunch club will run on teaching days between 12:00 to 13:00.The focus will be on working towards improved communication skills and understanding NHS culture for those who have trained outside the U.K.

All trainees are welcome to attend. If you would like to come along please email Jane Hill.


The first part of afternoon (1-3) will primarily for those trainees in general practice attachments .Initially the focus will be on clinical skills/communication skills but as the year progresses we expect the sessions to take the form of small group work based on case discussions and be trainee led.


The second afternoon session is from 15:00 to 17:00. This  session is for all registrars attached to the scheme. During your hospital posts, you are expected to attend most of the afternoon sessions; attendance at less than 70% will sometimes lead to an assessment of unsatisfactory progress in your Educational Supervision Review.  If you have any problems in attending, please let Claire know. It can be difficult for some departments to release all trainees, and EWTD also gets in the way, but we do try to facilitate attendance where we can by speaking with departments on your behalf.


There is a set programme for the afternoon sessions which is based on the GP curriculum developed by the Royal College of General Practitioners. This curriculum forms the basis of the MRCGP, which is the assessment procedure for all GP registrars introduced from August 2007. We recognise the value of the new curriculum as a foundation for general practice training. However, it would be impossible for the VTS day release programme to effectively cover all aspects of the curriculum, even in 3 years. So, we aim to cover the areas that we feel probably won’t be covered elsewhere and would encourage you to regard the day release programme as part of your overall learning rather than the complete learning experience. We would also encourage you all to become very familiar with the GP curriculum itself so that you can assess your own progress and learning.

The timetable for teaching will be available on the GPST website.


Registrars who are not on leave are expected to be working in the hospital or their practice if there is not a VTS session. If you are unable to attend the VTS session for any reason, please ring or email Claire at the Education Centre with your apologies (Claire.hunt@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk 01473702502)

It would also be helpful to copy the course organisers in on your email.


We do ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of every VTS session. These aren’t perfect but they do help us to see how well the afternoon has gone and is a chance for you to let us know about areas that you would like covered in the future. Thank you for taking the time to complete these. Each week, these are amalgamated and an anonymous summary is reviewed by the programme directors


All sessions are held at the post graduate centre at Ipswich hospital, except for a few specific sessions which will be highlighted on the timetable on the website.  Parking can be a challenge…..so please leave plenty of time to find a parking space.  

Autumn Term Timetable 2017


Wednesday August 23rd

Induction to Scheme with Colchester Scheme at Colchester hospital, for ST1’s & transfer in trainees only

  Wednesday 6th September

GP Plus induction Classroom 7/8

6pm until 7.30pm 

ST1's in practice & ST3's

Please book with sally.white@suffolkfed.org.uk

Week 1

13th September

Team Building Event @ Jimmy’s Farm

Please see information on this event in separate FAQ bar below. ensure that you have booked/paid onto this day.



20th September

Trainers Meeting

4 pm  Two Rivers

Janet Bayliss Library talk new trainees 1pm - 1.20pm S/R 3

3.30pm until 5pm

Dr Chris Rufford 3.30pm until 5pm

Muscolosketal Examination


27th September

GP faculty meeting 1pm -2pm

Kev Hopayian Clinical Skills  afternoon 1pm -5pm




4th October

CCG Training Event

The topic is Spinal. For more information  http://www.ipswichandeastsuffolkccg.nhs.uk/GPpracticememberarea/Trainingeducation/Trainingeducation/GPtrainingevents.aspx



11th October

Quality panel at WSH

TPD Meeting 11am- 12pm

faculty meeting 12pm -1pm

Dr Bryan  Anglim AKT Stats session 1-3.30pm

3.30pm -5pm Paediatric Talk Dr Desai & Dr Buck




Half Term



1st November

GP UPDATE EVENT - Please book onto this with Claire/Charlotte & ask your trainers to come -its for qualified GP's as well!


8Th November


11.30am -5pm

Please book via http://www.rcgp.org.uk/learning/central-and-east-england/east-anglia-faculty/st1-visit-to-rcgp-london-8-november-2017.aspx





Clinical Skills Session with Actors & GPTrainers 1pm until 5pm



15th November

Clinical Skills Session Dr Kev Hopayian 1-5pm



22nd November

Onelife “motivational interviewing” 1pm until 3pm

Drugs & Alcohol talk Renato Masetti 3.30pm until 5pm



ESR’s need to be completed by end of November


29th November

Ehsan Ahmadi Emergency OOH 1-3-15pm

Ophthalmology – year 1

“Acute Visual Loss” talk by Ms Sharmila Poovali – 3.30pm until 5pm




6th December

ST 1’s Sim’s session 1-3.30pm?


Dermatology – year 1

“Infectious Disease “ talk by Dr Virginia Hubbard -3.30pm until 5pm



13th December

ARCP Panels with WSH @Ipswich -morning

Christmas Break

Spring Term TimeTable 2018


10th January

CSA Preparation Session workshop by David Russell & Simon Ormerod


17th January


CSA- Dr kev Hopayian?



24th January

Womens Health

“HRT” talk by Dr Caroline Marfleet 3pm until 5pm


31st January

Trainers Meeting at Two Rivers Medical centre 4pm-6pm

Womens Health

Contraception Evelyn Kerr 1.5 hours


7th February

Womens Health

“Fertility” talk by Mr Alleemudder 3.15pm until 5pm



Half term


28th February


 GMC talk - Jo Wren

Complaints, Confidentiality & consent, Duty of candour, Social Media

1pm -5pm


7th March


CCG Event



14th  March

Quality panels @Ipswich morning

Paediatric Dietician  Talk

Lindsey Mowles 3.30pm – 5pm


21st March

Mr Jim Fong Throat talk 4pm until 5pm




Easter Break


Summer Term Timetable 2018


18th April

Common paed problems



25th April

Common paed problems




2nd May




9th May




16th May




23rd May




ESR’s  need to be completed by end of November



Half Term


13th June

Practice Management



20th June

ARCP Panels’ipswich all day

Personal & Professional responsibilities



27th June

Personal & Professional responsibilities


4th July

Personal & Professional responsibilities


Team Building Event Information - September 13th 2017


Team Building Event

Wednesday September 13th 2017

Ipswich GPST Team Building Event Wednesday September 13th 2017


Programme for the day

9:30am Arrival Tea/coffee Welcome

9:45am Information session with TPD’s

12:00 pm Team Building Activity

1:00 pm Light summer Lunch


Please ensure that you have weather appropriate clothing e.g.  Good outdoor walking shoes, weather appropriate clothing (rain coat or sun cream) as the team building activity will be held outside


Jimmy’s Farm, Pannington Hall  Lane, Ipswich, IP2 2AP. Telephone 01473 604206

Website for directions :

Jimmy's Farm | Nature Trail - Restaurant - Farm Shop - Butchery - Rare Breed Meats | Ipswich Suffolk East Anglia | Jimmy Doherty.