Tier 2A Educator - Out-of-hours Supervisor - Training Pathway

Tier 2a GP Educators (Out-of-hours Supervisors) are approved to provide clinical supervision to GP trainees in out-of-hours services. 

To become an Out-of-hours Supervisor follow the steps below. 

Stage 1. Contact your TPD

If you are interested in becoming a GP Educator, please contact your local Training Programme Director who will support and guide you through the process. 

Stage 2. E-Learning

The first stage in becoming approved as a Tier 2 educator is completion of a series of e-learning modules. 

To be able to access online learning you will need to register on  www.e-lfh.org.uk . Once you are logged on please search for a relevant programme (you either use search box or browse programmes list). To access specific modules please follow the pathway: Programme/Catalogue/Module

Please note - you will be required to submit evidence of completion and reflect on your personal learning points as part of your approval form so would be advised to keep records as you complete the modules. 

Stage 3. University (HEI) Training Days

Once the e-learning is complete you will need to attend Tier 2 learning day(s) at one of the regions Higher Education Institutes, which will help you to learn about the key ideas underpinning clinical education. 

Please note that due to current restrictions on holding meetings in person these training days are being converted into online training days. A list of the courses and application details can be found here

Again, please keep records of your learning and reflection - they will help you to complete the application form. 

Stage 4. Health Education England (HEE) Hub Training Days

To help you put theory into real world practice you will then need to attend one of the Health Education England Hub days.

Please note that due to current restrictions on holding meetings in person these training days are being converted into online training days. Details of these days and booking can be found here.

Stage 5. GP School Specific Educator Training

And then to learn about the specifics of supervising a GP trainee including using the GP ePortfolio you will need to complete the GP School Specific Educator Training.

If you are commencing training after 19th May 2021, please complete the video pack found here. The training videos amount to approximately 4 hours. 

If you commenced this training prior to 19th May 2021, please continue to complete the video pack found here. Please note that this link will expire in 6 months and will no longer be available after 19th November 2021. We expect that this will allow enough time for anybody currently going through the process to complete the training without having to duplicate any parts. However, if anybody thinks that they may not be able to complete in this time frame please email communityschools.eoe@hee.nhs.uk to discuss. 

For Tier 2a you are only required to complete the 'Fundamental' video pack, followed by a short online tutorial. 

For further details on GP School Specific Educator Training and to book an online tutorial please click here. 

Stage 6. Applying for Approval

You are now ready to apply for approval as a Tier 2a educator! Click here to find out how to apply.

Sunday, 24 February, 2019
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Sunday, 24 February, 2019