We have 58 Individual Training Programme (ITP) available on the Norfolk Scheme August 2020.

Individual Training Programmes

Basic Rota Information

How much time do I spend in GP Placements

The majority of ITPs have 18m in GP and 18m in hospital placements.  Some ITP have extra GP in placements.

Which hospital(s) would I work in?

Some ITP are based wholly in one location, i.e. all hospital placements occur within one of JPUH (Great Yarmouth), QEH (Kings Lynn) or NNUH (Norwich)

The majority of ITP have hospital placements split between the NNUH and either QEH or JPUH.  We do not have any ITP where we would split hospital time between 3 hospitals or hospital areas.

Where is Psychiatry based?

Psychiatry is based within NSFT (Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust) which has community and hospital locations throughout Norfolk.  These are geographically based in Norwich, Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth.

How are IPTs allocated to trainees?

Trainees are invited to preference ITPs these will be offered on a ranked basis.

August 2021 Rotations coming soon.

Please note:

Rotations are subject to change.

GP practices can sometimes change, GP practices come and go from training, operational reasons, trainers move on, we do try to avoid this but this is sometimes beyond our control

We are unable to change your allocated hospital rotations

Practice placements are linked to rotations and we are unable to make changes

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Friday, 22 November, 2019
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Friday, 22 November, 2019