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What is HEFT?

The HEFT programme offers GP PG DiTs who are interested in a career in Deep End GP and/or inclusion health, an enhanced training
programme with a focus on health equity, hoping to create the Deep End workforce and leadership of the future. PG DiTs select and are
allocated to HEFT rotations during GP recruitment preferencing. They complete three years of GP training, alongside colleagues who are
not undertaking HEFT, meeting all standard curriculum requirements. Where possible, the posts that make up their training programme
are in relevant practices and specialties such as:
·       Public health
·       Emergency medicine
·       Psychiatry
·       Substance misuse
·       Prisons
·       Leadership
·       Education
·       Academic
·       Inclusion health (homelessness, migrant health, sex workers, Gypsies and Travellers)
Trainees are periodically released from normal training to attend an online national education programme and annual conference.
Where possible, they are part of local communities of practice with other PG DiTs undertaking HEFT. Where possible they receive
near-peer support from local deprivation/trailblazer fellows and/or PCN health inequalities leads. It is recognised that many PG DiTs
are already undertaking suitable rotations in areas of deprivation, in which case the value added of the programme is the national
sessions and any local community of practice support.






What is the regional offer in EoE?
EoE Regional Offer

Regional educational sessions take place online MS Teams, average every two months.

HEFT GP's from across the East of England come together to reflect on the national HEFT sessions and consolidate learning.

The sessions are interactive and have a strong regional influence.

National and Regional timetables



Regional Programme


National Programme - Introduction to Health Inequalities


Regional Programme


National Programme - Womens Health


National Programme - Street Drugs


Regional Programme


National Programme - Gypsies & Traveller Health


Regional Programme


National Programme - Cardiovascular Health


Regional Programme


National Programme - Surviving & Thriving


Please note that National Programme sessions are held on Thursdays from 2-4PM and Regional sessions run on Fridays from 2-4PM

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