Top Tips

  • - Start early with your e-portfolio. If you are unsure about any aspect of this- please ask your supervisors / TPD.
  • - Attend OPD clinics - very relevant to your GP training. Particularly helpful have been GUM clinics/ ENT/ headache
  • - Be organised - send-off documents to Lead employer early on...
  • - Be organised about OOH- apply early for shifts. Let practices know in advance when you are doing your sessions. Consider OOH in both Colchester & Clacton to develop a broad range of experiences
  • - Raise concerns early with your TPDs if these cannot be resolved by your hospital department or practice
  • - Be aware of your entitlements;
    1. mileage claims in General Practice
    2. Relocation costs - check GP school website
    3. Study leave allowance
    4. claiming study budgets in a timely fashion
  • - Be sociable - keep in regular contact with your peers. We have a newly established buddy system in place  - please use it. Trainees also have a what's app group. However, Emails remain the only means of communicating all official GPSTP information.
  • - When preparing for exams set up study groups early.