Reviews and Annual Review of Competence Panel

Your progress in training will be reviewed twice a year, in November and June, at your 6 monthly reviews. Note that the first of these happens after only 4 months of being on the training programme so you need to get started early.

Each review will be looking to ensure you have completed the required minimums of evidence:

  • - Minimum of 2-3 learning log enteries a week (full-time trainees), 50% of which should be clinical
  • - Minimum number of WPBA - see the numbers indicated for each review period in your eportfolio
  • - Appropriate level of curriculum coverage and progress from the previous review
  • - A self-rating form (you will need to complete this on your eportfolio in adviace of your review meeting with your educational supervisor)

After the June review with your educational supervisor your portfolio will be reviewed by a panel to assess your comeptence and progress, further details can be found in the guides provided here.

Understanding the curriculum and evidence requirements and starting on these early is key to making this process as painless as possible.

It is very difficult to leave things to the last minute so keeping on top of things as you go along is vital.