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AKT SOX Programme

In June 2021 HEE East of England launched the AKT SOX programme. This innovative programme was developed collaboratively by HEE East and NW. The programme has been designed to support those trainees who have been unsuccessful in an AKT sitting. Programme will be held remotely.

The SOX programme works on the principle of the 6 main reasons why trainees pass the AKT. During the AKT SOX tutorial the trainee will receive personalised feedback in all six domains and be given a plan of what to work on. The programme is supportive and works with both the trainer and the trainee to maximise AKT exam success.

The next AKT SOX trainee day is scheduled for Friday 8th December 2023 (attendance by invitation). 

For more information or if you would like to be involved in the SOX programme, please contact


How does it work?

The trainee will be contacted after an AKT exam failure and invited to attend an AKT SOX Trainee Day. 

What happens on the AKT SOX Trainee Day?

The trainee attends a one-day course. The day is fully facilitated by regional AKT SOX Educators.

The course gives an outline of the SOX programme and the resources available. There will also be the opportunity to develop a personalised action plan which can be shared with the trainer and AKT SOX Educator.

The trainee completes a questionnaire before they attend the SOX Trainee Day. They will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about the exam with the facilitators on the day.

The delegates all work through the Big 6 areas. The day involves large group teaching, small group workshops and time for reflection, including the development of a personalised action plan. There is also the opportunity to identify learning needs and to do timed AKT questions.

What happens after the AKT SOX Trainee Day?

Following the trainee day, the trainee is then matched with their SOX Educator. SOX Educators are experienced GP trainers or TPDs. They have all been trained in the SOX programme. 

The SOX educators will then contact the trainee and trainer to arrange a mutually convenient time to hold the SOX tutorial. These tutorials have the most impact if there are conducted at least 3 months before a planned sitting to allow time for the trainee to reflect and make the necessary changes.

What happens after the AKT SOX tutorial?

Following the AKT SOX tutorial, the trainee will be given the opportunity to join a facilitated AKT small study group. These groups will meet for 4 tutorials over 10 hours in total. They will be facilitated by experienced AKT SOX Educators. The study groups are designed to be supportive and give an opportunity to explore weaker areas with an experienced educator, while benefiting from the group peer support. The time for this small group work should be taken from personal study time.

For more information or if you would like to be involved in the SOX programme, please contact