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Application Process for Performers List Validation by Experience

To join the NHS National Performers List as a dentist in England you must hold a valid DFT/VT certificate or have suitable equivalent experience. In the absence of this you may have to undergo a period of working with a Performers List Validation by Experience programme in an approved practice. This page gives you some information of the process involved.

PLEASE NOTE: At the present time Health Education England is not able to accept applications into PLVE from dentists who cannot provide clinical references relating to two recent* posts (one of which will usually be a current post) each of which lasted at least three months (continuous period) without a significant break, or where this is not possible, a full explanation as to why that is the case and the names and addresses of two alternative referees.
*'Recent' is defined as ‘working within a dentist’s full scope of practice within the previous two years’ and is based on the AoMRC Return to Practice Guidance (2017 Revision).

National Performers List Application

A dentist wishing to apply to become a Vocational Experience Dentist (VED) for Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) must first apply to join the National Performers List via the online process. This is accessed from this web link and gives information about the documents that have to be submitted with the application.



This link gives an outline of the process that will be followed by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) in managing an application. 



PLVE Programme Application

To undertake a PLVE programme a dentist must apply to HEE using a PLVE VED Application form and Payment Agreement Form.  This is done after application to join the National Performers List.

In addition, HEE will require evidence to show the experience and competencies you have already and clinical references, and this will need to be sent to HEE after your application form has been accepted.  You will be sent a link to an HEE Sharepoint site and you will be then be able to upload electronic copies of all the certificates and pieces of evidence that you have selected. A checklist is available to download which will help you to itemise and select the evidence items. 

The necessary forms can be found here.



The application will be examined by assessors who will compare the dentist's previous training and experience with the published competency framework. The recommendation of the assessors will define an appropriate PLVE programme of supervised training with regard to content and time frame.The VED Application is made with an agreement to cover the cost of the application regardless as to whether or not the applicant is accepted by Health Education England, currently £400.   

For any queries relating to Performers List Validation by Experience please contact plve.me@hee.nhs.uk . 

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