What is the Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) process?

This is for UK graduate dentists and dentists from outside of the EEA who have not previously undertaken Foundation (Vocational) Training, and are required to demonstrate equivalent competencies to those gained on completion of a full year of Dental Foundation Training, in order to gain access to the national dental performer list.

Who do I contact ?

In the first instance the applying dentist contacts and applies to the Local Area Team of NHS England or its agent for information on, and the paperwork for entry onto The National Performers List. 

The National Performers List website;  http://www.performer.england.nhs.uk/  is a useful source of information and contains a postcode search tool, which allows you to easily identify the

Area Team that cover the region in which you wish to work. The search results also provide contact details.

HEE EoE is not responsible for putting dentists onto Performers lists and we cannot answer queries regarding this subject: this is the duty of the Local Area Team.

How do I find a job?

Dentists must apply directly to practices. Health Education England - East of England (HEE EoE) does not keep lists of vacancies.

Vacancies are usually advertised in the British Dental Journal and other Dental Magazines.

I note I need to submit a PDP. How do I put my PDP together?

Further information can be found here: Workforce Support

Who can I ask for help in compiling my PDP?

The Area Team Dental Practice Advisor may be able to assist you with compiling your PDP and there are many examples of PDP on various dental websites.

Who should the clinical references be from?

Clinical references can be from a colleague and/or principle/lead Dentist at a practice where you have previously worked.

How long will the PLVE programme take?

This is determined by Health Education England - East of England’s assessment panel and recommendations and can be up to 1 year whole time equivalent.

The practice where I intend to work has never been a PLVE practice or DFT training practice. What is the process to become approved?

Both the practice and the proposed supervisor will have to apply via the application forms HEE EoE provides: PLVE Mentor Application Forms, and will have to be approved via the application process.

The PLVE Mentor and practice are required to undertake the same assessment and interview process as Dental Foundation Trainers.  

Please be aware there are strict deadlines for this part of the process and application does not guarantee appointment.

How long does the process take?

We cannot give a fixed timescale as this is dependent upon many factors in the application process which are out of HEE EoE's control.

Be aware that there are key dates for supervisor applications: PLVE Mentor Information

How much does the PLVE process cost and who pays for it?

The cost is dependent on several factors including the length of PLVE programme that is required and how much support is required by the Performer and the PLVE Mentor.

A breakdown of the costs and details of the payment process can be found in the PLVE Information Booklet and the Agreement of Payment form:



Where can I find more information for Dentists who qualified within the EEA or Overseas?

Information for dentists from Europe and Overseas is available from the National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education (NACPDE): https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/dental-faculties/fds/nacpde/

Information about Working and Postgraduate Training as a Dentist in the UK can be found on the COPDEND website: http://copdend.org/content.aspx?Group=guidance&Page=guidance_frequentlyaskedquestions

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