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Why apply for a Clinical Development Fellow Post?

Would you like to consider a year combining some clinical work with time to learn more about education, leadership or global health?

Are you completing a foundation training programme or want a break later in your training?

In 2017 only 43%of trainees completing their foundation training programmes applied for specialist training compared to 83% in 2010. Research, including a questionnaire sent to trainees in EOE and national GMC surveys, suggests a number of reasons that young doctors take time out (see below)

Foundation – and other trainees – are organizing their own elective year before applying for further specialist training programmes. HEE-EOE is keen to support these doctors and provide them with opportunities to gain further clinical experience together with personal development. We believe that young doctors want time out of a structured programme to explore different specialties (is it right for me?) and enhance their CVs with other linked experience. They want flexibility and a chance to “step off the treadmill”, with opportunities to work overseas, in education or to enhance their leadership skills.


Reasons why Junior Doctors are taking time out (click here!)

Work life balance

Burnout, stress and exhaustion

Want to gain more experience

Better financial rewards elsewhere

Intellectual interest elsewhere

Unsure which specialty?

Wednesday, 6 March, 2019
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Wednesday, 6 March, 2019