East of England Trainee Forum

What is the Trainee Forum?

The Trainee Forum provides an opportunity for specialty and foundation medical and dental trainees in the East of England to offer feedback or ideas and raise any concerns regarding the quality of their education and training. We are a group chaired and run by trainees and have a direct link to the Postgraduate Dean, via our executive committee and face: face time when he attends one part of our quarterly meetings.

What does the Trainee Forum do?

The aim of the Trainee Forum is to provide trainee views and feedback to ensure that medical and dental training in the East of England is delivered to the highest standard. The Forum was established by the Prof. Simon Gregory in June 2011 as an opportunity to engage specialty and foundation trainees from all medical and dental specialities throughout the East of England.

Our objectives are:

  1. To offer trainee input into key strategic and management issues pertaining to the Deanery’s educational governance and quality assurance functions.
  2. To work collaboratively in identifying, developing and implementing innovation in education, training and engagement of trainees and trainers throughout the East of England. 
  3. To provide an additional forum for communication, updates and dissemination of information between the Deanery and trainees including issues relating to workforce development, organisational change and national policy. 
  4. To work with the Deanery team to consider means of appropriately involving trainee representation and gaining trainee feedback in Deanery processes such as Quality Management Visits, Performance and Quality Review Visits, ARCP panels and School organisation.

Who is in the Trainee Forum?

The trainee forum is made up of trainee representatives from each School and where possible there is cross-specialty representation from each training location. Members are nominated or elected from within the specialty or foundation schools. The Trainee Forum is chaired by an Executive Committee, elected annually from within the forum membership.

Members meet quarterly to report on training issues which affect them and their trainee colleagues and to share and discuss issues of relevance to training or education with each other and with the Dean. Our members are expected to seek and represent the views of all trainees in their specialty school and to feedback information and updates from the Deanery.

What can the Trainee Forum do for me?
            ...and what can I do for the Trainee Forum?!

  • Be an active participant in improving the quality of your education and that of others!

The Deanery and the Trainee Forum can only advocate for change to improve training or practice if we know what the real issues are “on the ground”. We exist in order to listen to your views and act upon them!

If you have any queries, concerns or feedback on the quality and organisation of your training that you wish to share, please either contact your specialty rep to bring your comments to the group or contact the Forum Executive Committee directly. We’d love to hear from you.

Please note that we are happy to accept feedback of a confidential or anonymous nature, but be aware that we may be required to share any information which impacts on patient safety or the well-being of medical staff.

  • Getting involved

If you would like to get more involved and represent your colleagues, why not volunteer to be a member of the Trainee Forum? Representatives will usually be elected annually, but if both specialty reps can’t attend they are asked to send a deputy so there may be opportunities to be involved less formally. If you might be interested in participating, please email us and we’ll be in touch.

  • Be a Trainee Rep helping to quality assure and improve training

If you would like to be a trainee representative in some of the Deanery activities such as being a trainee rep, talking to other trainees and trainers at a Trust Visit or be a trainee rep sitting on an ARCP panel for another specialty, please send us your contact details using this link.

For a trainee's experience of participating in a Deanery visit please click here.  

Your details will be added to a database and someone will contact you when visits or panels are being arranged to ask if you are able to participate. We also arrange for a letter of thanks from the Dean to evidence your participation which can be used for your professional development portfolio.

For more details, please contact us.

Current Trainee Forum Executive Committee 2011/2012

Chair Mr Yezen Sheena ST6 Plastic Surgery
Deputy Chair Dr Amir Helmy ST5 Radiology
Secretary Dr Jian Wen Chan ST7 Anaesthetics

Useful Documents:

  • East of England Trainee Forum Terms of Reference
  • Trainee Forum Annual Report 2012 

2016 meetings


Wednesday 13th January

9am 1pm Curie Room, Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourne  
Wednsday 13th April 2pm-5pm Curie Room, Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourne  
Wednesday 10th August 2pm-5pm Curie Room, Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourne  
Recent topics of discussion

Junior doctors strike

Travel expenses

Clinical supervision

If there if you have any other topics you would like discussed please contact your departmental representative.

Trainee representatives
LastName First Name Company
Giles Dominic Acute Medicine
Bomford Doug Anaesthetics
Barber Katrina Anaesthetics
Francis Rohin Cardiology Rep
Savage Henry Cardiology Rep
Hansom Simon Cardiology Rep
Gajendragadkar Parag Cardiology Rep
Taghavi John Cardiothoracics
Jackson Amy Clinical Oncology
Carpenter Bernadette CMT Rep
Collins George CMT Rep
Matthew Coates Core Surgery Rep
O'Brien James Core Surgery Rep
Leverton David Emergency Medicine
Bhairavi Vivegananthan  Emergency Medicine Rep
Osborne Jason Emergency Medicine Rep
Bhanot Ash Emergency Medicine Rep
Bewick Jessica ENT Rep
George Dina Foundation Dental
Mawji Sayyada Foundation Year
Smith Alex Foundation Year
Bundhoo Kiran Gastroenterology
Warburton Richard Gastroenterology
Clark Sarah Geriatrics
Chan Anna GP Rep
Nichol Katherine GP rep
Armugam Vino GP Rep
Das Enisha GP Rep
Chomicz Grzegorz GP rep
Mitchell Emily Haematology
Butel Ryan Histopathology
Trayers Claire Histopathology
Gopinath Preethi Histopathology
Warne Ben Infectious Diseases
Mallett Paul ITU Rep
Chetcuti Sarah ITU Rep
King Siobhan LTFT/Anaesthetics
Begum Aysha Maxillofacial
Devendran Devi Maxilofacial
Doherty Gary Medical Oncology
Honney Katie Medicine
Nikolic Marko Medicine
Breen David Neurology rep
Patel Krunal Neurosurgery Rep
Buruiana Felicia Obstetrics and Gynaecology
McAnerney David OMFS Rep
Voyatzis George Opthalmology
Roberts Harry Opthalmology
Giddie Jasdeep Orthopaedics
Sheena Yezen Plastic Surgery
Nikolov Ivan Psychiatry
Nazir Mudasir Psychiatry
Hussain Haseena Psychiatry
Newman Rhiannon Psychiatry
Siddabattuni Suneetha Psychiatry rep
Diley Ian Public Health
Jopling Helena Public Health
Helmy Amir Radiology
Eneje Odiri Respiratory
Jha Akhilesh Respiratory
Colby Alexandra RJDC
Nerva Hariet RJDC
Pal Atanu Surgery
Patel Krashna Surgery
Chan Jian Wen Trainee Forum Exec
Wood Ryan Trauma and Orthopaedics Rep
Sut Michael Urology Rep

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