eLearning: End of Life Care

eLearning: End of Life Care

1: Care Homes / Hospices

ImageThis programme is aimed at care home and domiciliary care staff. It offers a combination of face-to-face training and e-learning, based on six end of life care modules developed by HE EoE. A seventh module, on caring in the last days of life, also aimed at family carers has recently been added to the content.



2: NHS Staff (Community and Hospital) Group B


This programme is aimed at the wide range of primary and secondary care staff who frequently care for end of life care patients. These include community nurses, hospital staff, social workers and paramedics. The programme is principally delivered through one-day workshops based on 10 e-learning (e-ELCA) sessions produced by the National End of Life Care Programme.

Staff can also access the content via Electronic Staff Record (ESR) OLM eLearning with a username and password or a Smartcard login http://www.esrsupport.co.uk/nlms/login.html



3: GP Practice Staff

ImageGPs (and all hospital based doctors) can access the eLearning content via the e-LfH website, to generate an account you must enter your GMC number and the year of your qualification to validate the request. You can can access the content by clicking the image on the left.