Mr Mohamed Elshaer:

I am ST7 in General Surgery with a special interest in HPB surgery at Addenbrooke’s hospital. Currently I am serving as the East of England General surgery Trainee representative. I have a passion for mentoring and training others. I trained in several aspects of general surgery in a wide range of Hospitals in East of England and elsewhere, which has given me the experience to understand the training and trainees needs. I believe that “with continuous efforts, intelligence and strength we can unlock our potentials”. I am a faculty member of several national training courses such as Basic Surgical Skills (BSS), Surgical Skills for Students (SSS), core skills in laparoscopic surgery, care of the critically ill surgical patient (CCrISP) and intermediate skills in laparoscopic surgery courses.


Mr Osman Chaudhary:

As one of the deputy trainee representatives I am keen on maintaining high standards of training and supporting fellow trainees within HEEoE.  The global coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted surgical training and equally has affected our general wellbeing.  More than ever, there is a requirement for us to help support you all during these testing times.  For those that don’t know me yet, I have a mature and grounded approach, and am empathetic to our current state of training.  Throughout the next months, I look forward to hearing from you and promise to dedicate myself in trying to deliver meaningful changes to our training by enhancing our opportunities and importantly voicing our concerns.



Mr Dominic Summers:

I am a consultant transplant and vascular access surgeon at Addenbrooke's Hospital, appointed in early 2021. Prior to my appointment I was a surgical trainee in the the Eastern and Oxford regions, and was an academic foundation trainee, academic clinical fellow and clinical lecturer. I was also a Chief Resident at Addenbrooke's Hospital and the President of the Herrick Society (national transplant trainee association). I maintain my research interests in the epidemiology of renal transplantation, risk assessment of transplantation, 'big data' and clinical trials.  I am married to an academic public health physician and have two children. I am happy to discuss academic surgical training pathways, balancing competing commitments (academic, clinical and family related), as well as anything related to transplant surgery training.



Miss Bahar Mirshekar:

I am an ST7 in General Surgery with a special interest in oncoplastic breast surgery. I know the Deanery well, having been brought up in Colchester and studied and trained in the various hospitals in our region. I changed subspecialty during higher surgical training and have dabbled in research and teaching along the way therefore I'm very aware of the challenges and decisions we face as trainees. It's easy to feel disconnected in a large Deanery, especially now the training days are run remotely, so if anyone would like to chat about how things are going please feel free to contact me.



Mr Geoffrey Roberts:

I am ST7 oesophago-gastric trainee. I live in Cambridge and have a young family. My wife has a successful career in consultancy, and we try (with occasional success) to balance our family goals with our career ambitions. Through my career, I have taken time out to demonstrate anatomy in Cambridge, work abroad (6 months as volunteer surgeon in rural Zambia) and complete a PhD in Cambridge (looking at the metabolic after effects of UGI surgery). My professional interest (beyond finding a consultant job in a location that works for my wife’s job, and alongside excellent colleagues) is in OG cancer, with a particular interest in the management of post-operative "late effects”. I have a strong interest in training and pleasingly, increasingly find myself in a position to support the training of my junior colleagues. In the region, I have worked in Broomfield, Hinchingbrooke, Norwich, Cambridge and Bury in a variety of specialties. Ia m happy to listen to and support colleagues at any point in their career, and if helpful to talk about the experiences and challenges that have led me to my current position in life.

Monday, 15 July, 2019
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Monday, 15 July, 2019