Individual Funding Requests 

Bespoke Training

Attendance at regionally run and funded courses should be the preferred method when looking to re-developing competence and confidence. If there are no suitable regional courses available, funding may be available for returners requiring further development of a specific skill set to attend external courses. Courses can be attended three months prior to and three months after the return dat, any courses attended after this three month period will need to be applied for under the study leave policy and process. 

Childcare costs during KIT/SPLIT days 

For trainees taking maternity leave, Keeping in Touch (KIT) days may be used to attend relevant training courses, regional teaching or departmental meetings. Similarly for trainees taking shared parental leave, Shared Parental Leave in Touch (SPLIT) days may be utilised in the same way. A small amount of funding may be made available to reimburse childcare costs incurred whilst attending KIT or SPLIT days, this will need to be applied for and authorised before your Trust can make reimbursement for these costs. 

Application form

The SuppoRTT funding request form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. You will need to right click over the document and 'save link as', then save the document to a local folder on your PC or desktop and open it form there. You will not be able to open the form directly from the website. 


Thursday, 27 June, 2019
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