Why choose Infection Training in East of England?


Dr Chloe Myers - Clinical Scientist & Virology Higher Specialist Trainee

"Virology has always been at the forefront of molecular diagnostics allowing identification and monitoring of a wide range of viral pathogens within a rapid timeframe. This is evident in the current climate where virology services have diversified and continually adapt to the challenges providing rapid and reliable COVID-19 diagnostics and management advice, alongside routine clinical services. A diverse team comprising clinicians, scientists, plus invaluable working relationships with infectious diseases, infection control and regional health protection teams is key in contributing to this."


Dr Suny Coscione - Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology Specialist Trainee


"Being an infection trainee in the East of England deanery offers fantastic opportunities. The consultant body here really showcase the many different ways you can excel as an infection specialist. You will be working along-side renowned academics, writers of core infection textbooks and incredible clinical teachers. In spite of the many accolades, the department is welcoming and supportive."



Dr Tom Fieldman - Medical Microbiology Specialist Trainee

"As part of my core infection training I did a 6 month placement in Watford General Hospital. As a District General Hospital the microbiology department is small, and so you can get to know the consultants well in a short time. They were keen to know about my training priorities and supported me in taking opportunities to get the most out the placement. The pathologies encountered differ somewhat from Addenbrooke’s, perhaps reflecting the complex demographics in proximity to London. As in Addenbrooke’s there is a microbiology laboratory on site, and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to spend time with the biomedical scientists who are a real asset to this placement. "

Thursday, 19 August, 2021
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Thursday, 19 August, 2021