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What is SPIN?

Paediatric trainees from ST4 can apply to undertake a special interest (SPIN) module. This is additional training and experience in a specialty, which is completed over 12-18 months. Those who complete their training with a SPIN module can apply for consultant posts as a General Paediatrician with a special expertise.

Post completion SPIN modules are also available to paediatricians on the GMC specialist register, and are usually completed over a 12 month to 5 year period.


Who can apply?

Trainees are eligible to apply (from ST4). SPIN modules are not usually available to sub-specialty (GRID) trainees.

Paediatricians who have completed training or are on the GMC specialist register may also apply during any given application window.

Usual application timeline?

Specific dates can be found on the RCPCH website. There is usually one round of applications per year to start March the following year.

Competition ratios SPIN 2021

Below are the competition ratios for the SPIN 2021 round in the East of England. Interviews were conducted on 22/23 March 2021 as separate panels for each sub-specialty. This system ensures fairness and transparency, given the limited tertiary centre places in our Deanery. In addition to the trainees who were successful in this round, some more will potentially receive SPIN accreditation based on their past and subsequent one-off subspecialty placements.

Places for SPIN will vary each year, depending on availability.

Subspecialty No. of posts No. of candidates
Cardiology 2 2
HDU 2 3
Diabetes 2 3
Epilepsy 1 2
Oncology 2 3
Respiratory 1 3
Allergy 0.5 3
SG 1 0
Gastro 0.5 1
PEM 3 2
Neonates 8 13
  23 35


Where can I find further information about SPIN?

If you are thinking about SPIN then you should speak to your educational supervisor and your Training Programme Director (TPD). Further information about the application process is available on the RCPCH website.

Tuesday, 1 June, 2021
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Tuesday, 1 June, 2021