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As a trainee there are many sources of support available:


Depending on the issues you face it may be appropriate to talk to:

  1. Local trainee representative/Other trainee colleague

  2. Educational supervisor/Consultant within team

  3. College tutor

  4. Clinical lead

Within departments there are frequently meetings for junior doctors held on a regular basis.  These may be a good place to discuss some issues.  If there is not one held in your department, this could be something to approach your Trainee Representative about, to try to set up. Within trusts, there are many potential sources of support.  These can be found through your Postgraduate Medical Centre locally.


Some issues are difficult to resolve locally- for a number of reasons.  Regionally there are many sources of support:


  1. Regional trainee representative - Dr Eleanor Boddy RCPCH Trainee representative 

  2. PSW - The Professional Support and Well-being service exists to help trainees who require greater, more specialised support than that available from the Educational supervisor.  It is important to remember that a referral to the PSW is non-punitive and does not impact trainee progression. Find their services here Normally referral is through your educational supervisor, TPD, or Head of school.  Self referral was only available for exam failure previously, however currently, due to COVID 19, self referral is accepted via this form. There is also a wealth of resources available through the PSW regarding COVID 19 support


The BMA has sources of support available here. These include different services, lots of information to read, and screening questionnaires The different services the BMA offers are:

  1. GMC investigation Doctor Support (OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS. Consists of 6 hrs of telephone support, and face to face support at the hearing. Intended to support emotional wellbeing during a GMC complaint. Email:
  2. DocHealth - Confidential psychotherapy service, through consultant psychiatrists, subsidized for trainee, offered either face-to-face or through video call. Email: Phone: 020 7383 6533
  3. Counseling and peer support
  • Confidential counselling service- up to 6 sessions with a trained counsellor, over the phone or video-calling

  • Peer support - Get confidential support from a colleague

Why not try Mindfulness?
There are many mindfulness practices, and physicians can use inventive ways to integrate these into their daily lives. Try de-stressing with a mindful cup of tea – noticing the look, smell, taste, and sensation – at the end of your next shift handover.

NHS Employers provides free access to various wellbeing apps here

You may find this article helpful for some initial mindful hints and tips

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