Level 2/3 (ST4- 8) Training

In our region, we aim to have a year full of study days which would give the trainees an opportunity to learn and enhance their learning. Recently, topics have ranged from allergy, paediatric oncology, paediatric gastrenterology, palliative care to medical education.

We have also invited agencies like 'inspire change' to conduct workshops on communication. We strive to incorporate sessions on topics suggested by trainees in their feedback.

The Paediatric Registrar study days are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and you may find details about the upcoming study days in the links below. In case there are any questions, you may contact members from the Paediatric registrar study day team.

Please spread the word about these study days to all registrars in your team and in case they are not in the deanery mailing list already, they can also get details on these study days via this website.

This is our study day, so please attend and gain from the sessions we have arranged for you all.

See you all there.

Paediatric Registrar Study Day Team

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8th August 2018, Topic: Leadership (Communication & QI) , Venue: Room 10&11, Clinical School,Cambridge
12th Sept 2018, Topic: Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Venue: Frank Lee, Cambridge
10th Oct 2018, Child Bereavement Day, Venue: Murray Edwards Hall, Cambridge
14th November 2018, Topic: Mini symposium Neonatal Medicine, Venue: TBC, Cambridge
12th Dec 2018, ANTS Study day, Venue: Frank Lee, Cambridge
9th Jan 2019, Topic: Paediatric Emergency Medicine Day, Venue: Watford
Feb 2019 - SCHOOL OF PAEDIATRICS DAY ( Note: No Paed Reg Study day)
13th March 2019, Topic: Paediatric Cardiology, Venue: Frank Lee, Cambridge
10th April 2019, Topic: Paediatric Gastroenterology, Venue: TBC, Cambridge
8th May 2019, Topic: Mini symposium TBC, Venue: TBS, Cambridge
12th June 2019, Topic: TBC, Venue: Frank Lee, Cambridge
10th July 2019, Topic: Paediatric Allergy, Venue: Frank Lee, Cambridge