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East of England
Child Health East of England Research Initiative (CHEERI)

We are a team of trainees, with an ambition to increase research engagement and activity amongst paediatric trainees.

We have a consultant mentor - Dr Ben Marlow - who is the director of the Synapse Centre:

The CHEERI team leads are Dr Rachana Verma and Dr Jonathon Holland 

Our recent efforts, with the support of our Level 2 TPD - Dr Nik Cholidis – have led to the creation of our website:, Twitter handle: @CHEERI2022, and purchase of CHEERI merchandise.

We are also establishing our first collaborative research project with Anglia Ruskin University (currently going through ethics approval), while brainstorming ideas for future projects.


Upcoming Goals

Our upcoming goals:

  • Merchandise - a CHEERI pen for lucky attendees at face-to-face events
  • Develop - to have log-in area for access to pre-recorded webinar content
  • 'CHEERI Sand Box' - like Dragon's Den but less scary
    • A chance to pitch your well-thought–out research ideas during our first hybrid event in Autumn: win a voucher and ability to team-up with a CHEERI mentor to take that idea further
    • Senior researchers to pitch their projects to clinical trainees
  • Develop speaker-list to bring back Paediatric Pint of Science ‘how to..’ workshops, within CHEERI
  • More publishable research projects

Thiloka Ratnaike, Amy Lee, Carla Kantyka, Gemma Wilson, Heba Shawky, Lipi Shekhar, Lizzie Radford, Lydia Seed, Marika Lasokova, Rachana Verma, Ben Marlow

Contact Us

Please get in touch with if you have ideas, comments, suggestions.

We are welcoming all engagement because we hope these efforts will help you with your own research activities!

Monday, 14 March, 2022
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Monday, 14 March, 2022