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Why Train in the East of England?


Our deanery offers excellent training and education.

We aim to produce fully trained, competent and professional specialists who are "fit for purpose". We pride ourselves in the delivery of high quality training, supporting trainees, educators and trainers. 

Many of our units rank highly in National Training Evaluation by trainees.

Southend is currently the 2018 top performing unit for overall performance, gynaecological training and education in the UK and in the top 10 performing units for Obstetric training. 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology is one of the broadest of hospital based specialities encompassing aspects of medicine, surgery and childbirth.

Variety is one of the major attractions particularly in the early stages of training.

The opportunities to specialise in different areas are available later in the programme.

Trainees will either develop one or two areas of special interest or will train in one of the subspecialities​.

Our Deanery


Training in the East of England gives the opportunity for both high standard postgraduate medical education whilst enjoying a fantastic quality of life in beautiful surroundings.

Trainees in the East of England can benefit the advantages of both country and city life.  The region's cities such as Norwich, Cambridge and Peterborough offer affordable house prices, good schools, shopping, history and culture all within easy road and train access to London in less than 90 minutes. 

Our trainees can take advantage of the unique coastline and countryside, including the Norfolk Broadsthe wild Fens, unspoilt beaches and visit one of the many nature reserves or stately homes. Imagine spending your weekends off punting along the River Cam, windsurfing the broads or simply experiencing some of the regions award winning restaurants and pubs.

Trainees in the East of England deanery therefore benefit from being able to balance work and home life which is extremely important for wellbeing and a healthy training programme.

Meet the Trainees...

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CLICK HERE to meet some of our deanery's trainees to find out why they enjoy living and training in the East of England deanery.

Meet the Trainers...


CLICK HERE to meet some of our deanery's RCOG college tutors to find out why they chose to work as Consultants in the East of England and what our deanery can offer current and future trainees.

Organise an O&G Taster Session...

If a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology interests you, we would love to help 

Please CONTACT US (a contact email for each hospital's RCOG college tutor can be found here).

The RCOG college tutors are happy to be contacted in order to arrange taster days or weeks in their units.

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