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The Educational Supervisor's Role

An Educational Supervisor (ES) is an experienced NHS general dental practitioner with high clinical standards, good ethical values, is currently included in the dental performers list of a PCT and who employs a dentist as a trainee in the practice. As well as this, the ES needs to have the skills to create a learning environment for the trainee, and to assess the learning that takes place.   The trainee dentist is called a Foundation Dentist (FD) and works in the practice for a maximum of 35 hours per week.  The ES must:

  • be available to provide help and advice, be it at the chairside or otherwise
  • undertake a weekly tutorial lasting one hour, during normal working hours.
  • The ES is also required to take part in not less than 14 sessions (7 days) of postgraduate activity associated with Dental Foundation Training but most of these sessions are taken up with attendance at events and meetings organised by the Scheme or the Region

For 25 weeks of the year the FD has to attend a Day Release Course (DRC) at one of the Foundation Training Schemes around the Region, and this usually takes place on a Friday.  On those weeks when the Day Release Course is being attended, the FD works in the practice for only 28 hours. 

Satisfactory Completion of Dental Foundation Training is mandatory for a full listing on the NHS Dental Performers List. During the Foundation Training programme, FDs will undertake many different assessments and these will be recorded in an on-line ePortfolio.  The ePortfolio is used as an educational aid throughout the year.  On a regular basis each FD records achievements and concerns,  and describes and analyses events that have occurred recently.  The Educational Supervisor works with the FD and the ePortfolio to produce action plans and regular assessments of development.

Since 2014 Dental Foundation Training has commenced on the 1st September each year. Dental Foundation Training lasts for a period of twelve months, during which four weeks holiday may be taken, but not in term time. On Satisfactory Completion of one year of Dental Foundation Training year in an approved and quality managed training scheme and practice, FDs are awarded a Foundatin Training Certificate which allows for full acceptance to the NHS Performers List.

During the period of Training the ES is paid a Training Fee of £9,960.00 per annum (£830.00 per month), and the salary of the FD (£32,796.00  per annum - £2,733.00 per month) is also reimbursed to the ES. A sum representing the service cost of employing the FD of £5,347.00 per month is also paid, plus the cost of reimbursement of employer's National Insurance contributions. (figures correct at April 2017)

At the end of the year, the FD may wish to remain in general dental practice or alternatively may wish to leave to enter a hospital post.  In the past, many FDs have remained at their Training practices as a full NHS Performer and gained further precious experience, however this is not always possible.  

Dental Foundation Training in Health Education England - Midlands and East complies with the national guidelines and regulations.

Outline Conditions

To be selected as an Educational Supervisor these are some of the outline conditions:

  • You must have significant experience as a performer in the GDS or PDS (typically equivalent to four years full time experience), and in your present practice for not less than one year. It is expected that you would be the practice owner, but in certain circumstances, (corporate bodies, longstanding associateships, salaried services) a performer who can demonstrate relevant involvement and influence in the running of the practice and policy ;
  • You must have a personal commitment to the GDS or PDS of the NHS of not less than 1,000 UDAs or £25,000 per annum.
  • You have to provide a surgery for the Foundation Trainee to work in, together with a trained and experienced dental nurse
  • You must be available in the practice for at least three days a week whilst the FD is working, and you are expected to be able to make yourself available for help throughout the day.
  • There must also be the presence of another dentist, able and prepared to provide supervision of the FD in the practice at times when the ES is not present

Please note that the number of ES places on our schemes is limited and the ES selection process is very competitive and always oversubscribed.  It is not unusual for very good NHS Dentists and training practices to be unsuccessful in gaining a place.  

Information and Application Forms will be available during November 2022

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