Advanced Communication Skills Training


Course Description

This is a two day course which has been developed by a group of leading communication researchers and trainers in association with the Department of Health, and is aimed at senior healthcare professionals wishing to enhance their clinical communication skills, offering the equivalent of 15 hours of CPD points.

It is an evidence based course led by nationally approved trainers, for which the participants set the agenda for both days by identifying challenging communication scenarios from their own field of professional practice.

Typical course content includes strategies for:

Breaking Bad News

Managing anger and distress

Advanced care planning and end of life conversations, including DNACPR

Improving communication with colleagues


Why are Communication Skills Important?

 The importance of effective communication skills for the delivery of high quality patient care has been highlighted in a number of successive reports; Darzi NHS review (2008), Francis Report; Patients First and Foremost (2013) and the Keogh Review (2013).

Communication is a core clinical skill for all professionals who have regular patient contact and as part of that role are required to gather or give information, break bad news or support patients to make and understand decisions related to their care and treatment.

Communication skills training, using evidence based methods, has been shown to have a number of benefits for patient care including Improved:

Quality of life

Compliance with treatment plans

Patient experience and satisfaction


In addition it has been shown that increased confidence / competence in communication skills can reduce:

Stress in health professionals

Complaints /Medico-legal risk


Consultation length

(NICE Guidance & Care Quality Commissions Quality Standards)


Views on the course from health care professionals who have previously attended

"I have been able to use various techniques that were taught on this course to help me in both my work and home life. All candidates were supported to get the most from this course and I would highly recommend attending."

"A fantastic course with so much helpful information gained on all aspects of advanced communication. I would recommend this course to all of my nursing and medical colleagues."


Course Structure

Participants will receive a pre-course workbook that contains reading and exercises including reflections on current practice and communication challenges. The book should take approximately 1 hour to complete and will be used in group discussions on the first day.

The course runs over two consecutive days utilising an interactive workshop approach. A willingness to use experiential methods of learning and undertake video recorded role plays during the two days is an expectation of the course. Please note that attendance at all sessions over the two days is seen as essential.

Each course provides an overview of the communication literature, which includes; the evidence base for training, the structure of an interview/consultation, review of the skills that enhance patient communication and the behaviours that may block it.

The course is taught by accredited nationally approved facilitators and is awarded continuing professional development (CPD) points for medical staff and a certificate on completion.


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Tuesday, 1 October, 2019 to Monday, 14 October, 2019