Broomfield Hospital NHS Trust

Broomfield Paediatrics & Neonates job description


Clinical Lead: Dr Manas Datta

Neonatal Lead: Dr A Hassan

College Tutor: Dr S. Nambiar (

Consultants with interests:

Respiratory, allergy, haemoglobinopathy: Dr Agrawal

Endocrine and diabetes: Dr Lim & Dr Nambiar

Cardiac: Dr Babu& Dr Cyriac

Neurology: Dr Ottayil

Gastroenterology & Safeguarding lead: Dr Datta

Oncology : Dr Joseph, Dr Thomas

Neonatology: Dr Hassan, Dr S Muthumeenal, Dr Lethaby, Dr Cyriac

Rheumatology: Dr Lethaby


Community Paediatrics

Dr Geetha Kugan- consultant and clinical lead

Dr A Band-consultant

Dr M Agrawal-consultant

Dr P Sahare, Dr S Karki: Associate specialists


Hospital Details


Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex Hospital Services


College Tutor: Dr S. Nambiar (


Educational lead: Dr Rachel Thomas (

Rota: Mrs Sandra Sullman HR (

It’s a fixed leave rota but swaps are possible

Travel Information

Train/Tube: Abelio great Anglia from Liverpool St or Stratford to Chelmsford train station (train station 3miles from the Hospital.)

Bus: 42/70/352 15min ride to hospital (15min weekly 30min-1h weekends) buy a monthly or 3 monthly pass you can get NHS discount.

Car/Parking:  can pay directly from your salary for the hospital. The community job would ideally require having a car and travel expenses are reimbursed.


Hospital Accommodation Email:


Swan Housing on site private accommodation with separate permitted parking. Short stay for on calls contact them at least 2 days in advance (prices £26.38 for a day or £162 for a week). There is also long term accommodation, mixture of shared apartments, family housing and one-bed apartments.

Phone number: 01245442192


Rota & Responsibilities

Junior doctor team Capacity

8  x ST4-ST8 ( +2 community) ,SHOs (F2/ST/ GPST): 11+ 2 ANNPs

Dr Thomas (Assoc. Spec.)



Week plan:

Rolling rota of alternating NNU (LEVEL 2), Paediatrics (acute & ward) with a week of burns and clinic.


Every morning there is a consultant led handover (for all areas) at 8.45am in Phoenix ward doctor’s office. Evening handover starts at 16.45pm same place.


Neonates level 2 Unit

8.45-17.15h Registrar covering NNU, Labour ward and Postnatal ward. Holds neonatal arrest/ ‘Code blue call’ bleep 3522.

Neonatal daily ward round in the unit with consultant of the week (1 SHO in neonatal Unit +1 SHO postnates). Daily Registrar ward round in the postnatal ward (babies on antibiotics/ unwell). BADGER updates and signing all discharge BADGER in the unit.

There is a separate BCG clinic – currently run by NNU sister & Dr Thomas.


Phoenix ward (General Paediatrics)

8.45-17.15pm daily ward round with consultant of the week. (1 or 2 SHO in the ward). Work ward and supporting Paediatric Assessment Unit Registrar.

Good practice to get a mobile computer and do discharge letters on the ward round (if enough SHOs).


Paediatric Assessment Unit ( PAU) – 8 beds and 1 separate triage room open 24/7 (depending on staffing).

8.45-21.15pm: The registrar holds paediatric emergency bleep 3520 often 1 SHO in PAU/ carrying bleep 3523.

Registrar accepts referrals from GP/A&E. Review/ clerk patients on PAU as well as review ambulatory patients and open access patients. Oncology patients might be admitted to the ward straight away but will need clerking by admitting team.

There is no official rapid access clinic but some consultant acute review slots are available each day.


Burns and clinic

8.30-17.15 pm Morning ward round in the burns intensive care unit and paediatric burns unit. Attend clinic in outpatients consultant led with support. On Thursdays, specific SpR clinic.



20:45-09:15h  One SpR at night, covering Paediatrics, neonates and A&E with two SHOs (1 paediatrics /1 neonates). Busy especially in winter good opportunity to develop leadership skills and improve management decisions. Good consultant support over the phone and attending the hospital overnight when needed. Weekend Nights the neonatal SHO does the baby checks on Friday and Saturday night and weekly bloods on Sunday night.



0845-21.15h  One Spr two SHOs. The consultant will do a ward round in the paediatric unit with the paeds SHO. SpR does the ward round on the Neonatal Unit with the neonatal SHO. Consultant reviews problem babies on NNU and needs to be updated about NNU.

Consultant will hand over the patients on the Phoenix and the SpR will cover both paediatric and neonatal unit (same as nights).


Consultants on site till 2000 on weekdays and till 1400 on weekends and accessible when on call.


There are 2 Community SpRs who will do evenings, nights and weekend shifts;  a wide geographical area to cover so a car is useful. There are 3 consultants, 3 Associate Specialists and a wide MDT to support and see patients. A majority of the referrals are regarding developmental delay, autism, ADHD and some other children with complex needs. A majority of neurodevelopmental patients are seen in the hospital. There is an extensive variety of learning opportunities with other services including sexual assault training, ADOS, attending specialised schools and working with the paramedical professionals. Audits and projects are supported and encouraged.


The community team does not do Child Protection or Looked After Child Medicals so this will be organised and done by the Burns or Paediatric SpR depending on the type of referral and after discussion with hot week consultant.



Monday Lunch times– Occasionally Junior doctors meeting. Chance for team to brainstorm improvements & short teaching & simulation sessions in Dr office Phoenix ward. Led by Spr.


Tuesday 13.15pm Radiology meeting in Dr office Phoenix ward.


Wednesdays 13.15pm Neonatal teaching on Phoenix Ward (topic given to spr/sho in advance to prepare).


Thursdays 13.15pm Consultant of the week teaching


Fridays 08:30 Journal club (topic given to spr/sho in advance to prepare).


Bite size teaching 5-10 min after handover clinical topic relevant to current patients.


Eastern Deanery trainees have teaching the second Wednesday of the month in Cambridge (watch out for clashing dates). Also look out for RSM study days.


Study Leave forms available from HR to be handed in 6 weeks in advance at least need to be signed by tutor and handed over to Sandra Sullman.

Strengths of department

Offers wide range of clinical experience, with excellent weekly subspecialty clinics, besides plastics (cleft lip and palate), urology and dermatology. Outreach clinics include paediatric neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, genetics, cystic fibrosis, gastroenterology and paediatric surgery.

Supraregional centre for burns, includes paediatric ward and ITU and regional centre for cleft lip and palate.

Paediatric diabetes service has excellent outcomes and offers an excellent in house pump service.

Paediatric neurology service has facility to do EEGs in hospital.

Established transitional clinics for paediatric diabetes and paediatric neurology




Relax and unwind

The team here is very friendly and approachable. The consultants have even supported nights out with the team!


There are a few restaurants worth visiting and the usual Nando’s!


In addition the local highlights include:

  1. Hyland house & park – beautiful & romantic
  2. Tropical wings zoo
  3. Shopping in high street, 2 mall & riverside ice & leisure centre!
  4. Chelmsford cathedral
  5. Walk by the river chelmer in and around town!
  6. Chemlsford museum & theatres.