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GENERAL PAEDIATRICS AND NEONATES    Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust

Hospital Details


Name:  Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust


College Tutors: Dr Afraa Al-Sabbagh ( )

East of England trainee representative: Alison Kent

Rota Coordinator: Ms Stacey Mackereth (

Human Resources: (Medical Personnel Adviser)

Travel Info

Train: Nearest rail station is Peterborough (50 mins. to London)

Buses: Citi 2, Citi 3, Citi 4, Local link 401/404, Local link 406, Local link 413

Car: Multi-story Car parking available for staff.


Hospital Accommodation: On site accommodation available via HR/Rota coordinator.

Local Area: Local town of Peterborough has many eateries, a shopping centre and cinema. Queensgate shopping centre is the main shopping centre in town centre.

On-site: Canteen with late opening, Costa Coffee and other shops along main entrance. 

Medical Team

No of Consultants:     12  Acute Care Consultants  

Registrars: 9 (5 from East of England, 4 from Midlands), 1 Trust Grade NICU registrar

 Core trainees:  8 Paediatric ST1-3 (6 from East of England, 4 from Midlands), 4 GPVTS          


Weekday plan:

General paediatric ward (Amazon ward)

8:30-17:00 -1 Long day ward SHO, 1 registrar and a consultant of the week (COW).

16.30-21.30- Same Long day ward SHO and long day registrar (registrar also cross- covers NICU).

20.30-9.30- Night SHO and night registrar covers PAU and general.

Paediatric Assessment Unit (Jungle ward)

09:00- 14.00- 1 short day SHO, 1 registrar and COW.

From 14.00-21.30-  1 Long day SHO and one registrar (long day registrar after 16:30)

20:30-9.30am Night SHO covers PAU and general paediatrics.  Night registrar also covers NICU


8.30-21.30-Long day SHO

8.30-16.30 – 1 SHO on transitional care ward. Post natal ward cover by 1 dedicated General Paediatric SHO.

21.30-9.00- 1 SHO covers NICU, labour ward and postnatal ward and 1 registrar to cross cover


Weekend plan

General Paediatrics and PAU 08.30-21.30 1 SHO, 1 registrar with consultant support.

NICU 08.30-21.30- 1 long day SHO, 1 short day SHO for transitional care, 1 general paediatric SHO for post natal ward, one registrar and one acute care consultant.

Night 21.30-9.00- 1 SHO managing general paediatrics. 1 SHO manages NICU, postnatal ward and delivery suite. 1 registrar cross covering with consultant support.

Departmental strengths

  • Commitment to training and supervision – Peterborough consistently rated in top 3 in region for overall satisfaction with training  in annual GMC survey.
  • State-of-the-art new hospital (opened in 2010).  Excellent facilities on children’s ward, assessment unit and NICU.
  • Well established “Consultant of the Week” system provides constant on-floor consultant supervision on ward, assessment unit and NICU.
  • Two consultant-led handovers every day.
  • A very wide spectrum of clinical cases both in general and NICU setting including many rare diseases
  • Joint specialist clinics, including respiratory/CF, cardiology, genetics, Neurology, Renal, Oncology, Rheumatology and Paediatric Surgery.
  • Dedicated HDU with 2 beds used to care for very sick children.
  • Particularly receptive and supportive consultant group.
  • Extremely capable and supportive nursing staff in all areas.
  • Great working atmosphere with all team members being approachable.
  • Fully functional Assessment Unit which supports the Paediatric ED.
  • POSCU level 2.  Plenty of exposure to both newly diagnosed and established oncology patients.
  • Online, highly comprehensive and regularly updated paediatric and neonatal guidelines.
  • The service provides specialist orthopaedic surgery, paediatric urology and ENT surgery and some specialist maxillo-facial surgery for children up to the age of 16.
  • Children with chronic disease continue to receive paediatric care beyond the age of 16 should this be required.
  • Excellent rota coordination / support

Training opportunities

  • Excellent formal programme and informal teaching with dedicated journal club and neonatal teaching.
  • Dedicated bleep-free teaching for Core Trainees (Tuesday am)
  • Lunchtime teaching – neonatal and paediatric (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Safeguarding and community paediatrics presentations (Wednesday lunchtime)
  • Neonatal Grand rounds (Thursday am)
  • Weekly x-ray meeting (Thursday am )
  • Regular neonatal and general paediatric resuscitation training facilitated by Consultants.
  • Supporting safeguarding team who work closely with our teams.
  • Regular trainees meetings
  • Named senior trainee represents junior doctors at monthly consultant meeting dedicated to training issues
  • Study leave supported

Top tips



  • Come prepared to learn
  • Ask if you don’t know what to do – all staff are approachable and helpful
  • Get a copy of clinic schedule early on so that you can mark out particular clinics you would like to attend- there are lots of different specialist clinics
  • Six weeks’ notice is required for study leave, therefore ensure you apply for study leave in good time
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