Integrated Care Fellows Development Programme

‘Integrated care is the coordinated organisation of a continuum of care delivery across settings responsive to the needs of each person to achieve enhanced quality of care, quality of life and health equality’

The Integrated Care Fellows Development Programme is offered in partnership between the Integrated Care Academy at the University of Suffolk and Health Education England, East of England. 

This Programme is an exciting and innovative opportunity to bring together talented partners from across the East of England region, and invite them to learn, work and develop solutions together. 

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The intention of this programme is to give you practical as well as theoretical experience of working in a team on a problem and see, in action, the impact you can have through effective teamwork. 

The main benefits of being a participant will be gaining:

  • Greater understanding of how the wider health, care and wellbeing system works
  • Greater insight into the opportunities and challenges
  • Exposure to very experienced leaders in the relevant sectors
  • A focus on live issues you face and developing solutions
  • Working with a network of colleagues who also want real change
  • Greater confidence and a wide range of practical tools to help you be a better primary care professional as well as a leader
Who is it for?

The programme is designed for GPs (in first five years of qualifying), Nurses, AHPs, PAs, Pharmacists and other healthcare clinicians who work in General Practice alongside Social Care, Community Services, Mental Health, Hospitals, District Councils and the Community and Voluntary Sector.

You will complete the programme as a trio of 3 primary care professionals, working together to deliver a project of the group’s choice based on a real issue in your local system.

There will be 2 trios in each of the 6 systems. Each trio will consist of a first-five GP, and two wider-workforce primary care clinicians.

You will apply as an individual, and we will help to match you to a multidisciplinary cohort with other successful applicants from your local system. 

What is the content of the programme?

The fellowship programme is split into two main areas; a taught programme and a system project, which are intended to complement one another. 

Taught Programme

  • Education modules together with your multidisciplinary trio.  Each module will include a combination of taught components, guest speakers and practical problem solving by participants.  Each of the workshop days will be lively, interactive and will focus on real issues that you are facing in your teams and organisations.
  • Action Learning Set workshops to progress your individual leadership journey throughout the programme.
  • Skills workshops covering the following topics; Fearless Speaking and Presenting with Impact, Making Meetings Meaningful, Negotiating & Influencing.
  • Support from a member of the Programme Faculty to help progress work on the delivery of your project plan.
  • Celebration Day to share project outcomes and acknowledge and celebrate success.

System Project

  • Development of a real project in your system with a multidisciplinary team of local, likeminded individuals. 
  • Regional and system-based support groups, facilitated by a HEE Educator to help develop and deliver your service improvement project.
  • Optional access to coaching from professionally qualified coaches. 
Programme Dates

Programme Dates: September 2021 – August 2022

Hours Of Work: 1 day per week

Working Day: Thursday

As a standard, the dedicated fellowship day will take place each Thursday, however a degree of flexibility will be required in order to accommodate specific module dates. 

Taught Programme Timetable:

How do I apply?

The application process will open shortly. 

Further information will be updated shortly. 

Thursday, 13 May, 2021
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Thursday, 13 May, 2021