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Why Apply?

NHSE strives to enhance and support a sustainable faculty of educators, inspiring trainees to work alongside more senior educators to develop skills, consider an educational leadership pathway for their career and to support a range of projects to improve the quality of education and training across the east of England. These are opportunities for existing trainees to work LTFT and undertake a fellowship role whilst continuing with their clinical training

Supervision & NHSE Induction

All Fellows recruited by NHSE will be directly managed and supervised by the relevant Deputy dean, Associate Dean, Head of School, Deputy Head of School or associated Project Lead. All fellows will complete a NHSE induction within three months of commencing their post.

Fellowship network & Development

It is envisaged that all fellows recruited by NHSE are integrated and operate as a network. This will allow the Fellowship network to provide support for one another and share best practice and address challenges. It will also ensure that there is a robust team of fellows supporting the faculty of educators in the East of England.

In addition to the offered bursaries per fellow NHSE would also support and fund Fellow development via recognised training and courses; this may include project management, presenting skills (Speaking with Authenticity) and others which may enhance career prospects within medical

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Trainee Testimonials

As a NHSE EoE Education fellow I have undertaken a project evaluating the non-clinical hub days for foundation year doctors. I was fortunate for this project to be accepted by the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) conference as a poster and brief oral presentation. This was an incredible opportunity for me to present at a National Medical Education conference and I was really inspired by other educational research projects that were presented and learn about the new innovative technologies emerging within the field. I really enjoyed networking with other fellows, lecturers and others with an educational background/interest. This was a wonderful opportunity and it was truly a privilege to have been supported by the amazing NHSE EoE Team including Dr Zilley Khan and Claire Robson who provided guidance with my project and Katie Driver who assisted with the logistical and financial elements. This experience combined with completing my PGCert in Medical Education have been the highlights of my Education fellowship this year. - Vanessa Naguleswaran ( Paediatrics, ST4) Education Fellow 2022-23


Undertaking the Faculty Support Fellowship has provided me with invaluable skills in project management, educational programme design and organising educational conferences, to name a few! The Faculty Support Team are responsible for a number of key deanery roles including the delivery of medical education courses across the deanery for both trainees and trainers, as well as the annual Spring and Autumn Symposium and bursary applications. As a result, this fellowship gives real practical experience of designing and delivering educational content in a number of modalities, which has significantly developed my skills as an educator. Regular meetings with the other fellows and our supervisor Jane Sturgess have provided a supportive environment where I have been able to develop my course and project autonomously, knowing that I will be guided through any challenges that crop up along the way. I can already say I have created completely new educational content, presented to the Senior Leadership Team, organised a trainee educational conference and written a business case, alongside gaining invaluable experience in managing relationships, progressing a project forward and quality assurance and evaluation of my own work. I would highly recommend this role to anyone with an interest. - Nikhita Joglekar (GP ST3)  Developing Trainers Advancing Practice Fellow, previously named Faculty Support Advancing Practice Fellow 2021-22


The Faculty Support fellowship turned out to be an even better year than I had expected when I first applied. It challenged me in new ways, continuously working on the outer edges of my comfort zone while always having the guidance of my supervisor Jane Sturgess to fall back on when needed. I’ve improved many skills, gained a greater appreciation for the workings of the postgraduate deanery and the NHS, all the while improving teaching skills in the region (which is a great passion of mine). I’ve had the opportunity to build on a medical education course that I helped start up, which has included recruiting and training new faculty, expansion into hubs, forming a sustainable leadership structure, and offering existing faculty benefits such as development days, joining interview panels, and insight into the running of a growing organisation. Together with other Faculty Support Fellows, I helped run the trainee element of the Spring and Autumn symposia, which provided insight into the organisation of a large multi-day conference. In addition to this I’ve gone on a tailored leadership and management course, and had access to funding for postgraduate medical education courses. The fellowship has also opened doors to exciting regional projects in medical education, which I am currently weighing up. Would I recommend this fellowship? Definitely. Is it the best fellowship in the region? In my highly biased opinion, yes, absolutely. If you care about education and want to push your own leadership and project management skills, apply. - Anna Von Essen (Anaesthetics, ST5) Developing Trainers Educational Fellow previously named Faculty Support Fellow 2021-22


The leadership fellowship is an autonomous role where I supported the development of leadership and management training in the EoE, including the content and access to the current educational offerings from HEE. I have developed online modules in various leadership topics and this introduced me to new and emerging areas of leadership theory and practice and networks of leaders, academics and fellows doing incredible work in various leadership fields accross the country. Through these, I have gained exposure to different roles, projects and opportunities that have given clarity on my future leadership journey and career goals after this fellowship. This has included being a part of a regional fellow peer-support and leadership development programme as well as funding for a PGCert in Health Informatics. I completed a survey with >1700 responses to inform leadership education and inclusivity strategy that taught me various skills including data analysis and will be presenting the findings to the senior leadership and research teams. Overall, I would highly recommend this and other regional fellowships. They are a great way to get protected time and opportunity for personal development in areas of your own interest, meet like minded people whilst helping further regional education and training goals in a supportive environment. - Sumayyah Mian (GP ST3) Leadership Fellow 2021-22



I applied for my Fellowship to enable me to pursue my interests in medical education alongside my clinical work and to develop leadership skills.
During my fellowship I designed and ran a research study looking at the impact of COVID-19 upon GP training and I am currently analysing the results. I am part of the Educational Research Group for the East of England Deanery and I have used the experience gained during my Fellowship project to develop a short learning module on how to approach a medical education research project. As part of my Fellowship, I am studying for a Diploma in Dermatology and am developing online learning resources for GP trainees for use on the Bridge blended learning platform.
I am in the first cohort attending the HEE EoE Leadership Course and I have been appointed to the LEAF BUD Faculty which provides training courses to help trainees become educators and facilitators.

 Caroline Rogers (GP ST4) Quality Improvement and Educational Leadership Fellow 2020-21




I applied to the Leadership Fellowship post as I have a real passion for clinical leadership, and have seen first-hand the positive impact that effective leadership can have upon your patients, your teams, and you as an individual. I was therefore keen to take up this post in order to support the development of leadership skills amongst our junior doctors in the region. My time in post was spent as a part of the team developing the Leadership Ladder. This is a leadership development platform that sits within Bridge, and is now freely available to all junior doctors across the East of England. It takes a blended learning approach, combining both eLearning modules and real-life activities to support trainees to develop the essential leadership skills required as a junior doctor. I       thoroughly enjoyed my time in post, and have developed a host of skills that will be invaluable as my career progresses. It was a privilege to be a part of a team that is striving to improve the training and education of the junior doctors in our region.

Liam Loftus (GP ST2) Leadership Fellow 2020-21





Photo Gallery

Dr Lekha Agarwal - Simulation Fellow.

Presenting her project's at the ASPiH conference

Click here to download the SIM-STEPS presentation 

Click here to download the Virtual Reality Wraparound Learning Modules presentation


Dr Alexandra Rowland and Dr Eleanor Boddy - Foundation Education Fellows 

Presenting their work at AMEE in Vienna



Dr Aleksandra Bartnik - Foundation Simulation Fellow

Presenting to educators and trainees at the 2019 Autumn Seminar

Click here to download the presentation




Dr Alexandra Rowland - Foundation Education Fellow

Presenting to educators and trainees at the 2019 Autumn Seminar 



Dr Eleanor Boddy - Foundation Education Fellow

Presenting to educators and trainees at the 2019 Autumn Seminar 



Dr Mike Saunders- Foundation Simulation Fellow

Presenting to educators and trainees at the 2019 Autumn Seminar 

Meet our Fellows!

Dr William Pritchard - Emergency Medicine, ST3

Digital Health and Entrepreneurship Fellow

I have a strong interest in health innovation, including how digital technologies can unlock new models of care and improve the service we deliver to patients. I believe my specialty of emergency medicine could derive particular benefit, given that we see high case volumes with heterogenous disease courses, and that we provide some of the first patient contacts with powerful diagnostic techniques. Having completed an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise and entrepreneurial education with the Judge Business School and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, I took this fellowship to maintain and build my involvement in this space and recruit others to it.

Our team is building a grassroots culture around digital health and entrepreneurship in the East of England. We primarily do this by delivering educational and networking sessions, offering support to innovative individuals and signposting them to further help.

My key projects have been delivering providing innovation clinics to review and advise on ideas our trainees have, including medical apps and devices, and delivering education on intellectual property (IP). Please see my IP for NHS Staff overview here- it genuinely can make or break an innovative idea. I am currently exploring how we can better integrate within the powerful innovation ecosystem in this region and aiming for concrete collaborations in the near future.


Dr Vanessa Naguleswaran - Paediatrics, ST5

Education Fellow 

As an Education fellow I am filled with passion to teach and enhance the teaching experience of others; therefore, my project this year revolves around evaluating the Foundation Year Doctors Educational Hub days. This involves undertaking research to find out what they wish to be taught and then organising days to implement these. I chose to apply for the fellowship as I have a strong interest in teaching; with a background of undertaking various teaching roles and courses including IFME, LEAF BUD, mentorships and being the Paediatric Teaching representative at my trust. It is a fantastic opportunity to be undertaking a fellowship in Education along with being financially supported in doing a PGCert in Medical Education. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed the work life balance that comes with doing a fellowship to allow a break from clinical medicine to do something different, creative and make a difference. 


Dr Chioma Duru - GPST2

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Fellow 

I am currently working to build a network of trainees who will develop initiatives to improve diversity, equality and inclusivity across the region, making the East of England the most inclusive region to train in. I decided to apply to a fellowship programme in a bid to gain other skills outside of clinical work including leadership and administration skills. I chose this fellowship in particular because I am passionate about making the NHS a more inclusive working environment for all. 


Dr Mohammed Uvaise S Batcha - Paediatrics, ST4

Simulation Fellow


My project is on video assisted self-debrief in medical simulation. It's a mixed method study looking at user perceptions and attitude about the use of Video self-review in simulation-based education.


Dr Nikki Tee - Paediatrics, ST7

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Fellow

I am currently working on positive actions for educators and have applied for this to improve the disparities for many working in the healthcare sector, starting from East of England deanery. 


Dr Chris Christou -  Anaesthetics/ICU, ST7

Blended Learning Fellow 

My project is to develop and implement a video lecture capture system that integrates with a learning management system for Postgraduate Regional Teaching. We aim to capture live video and PowerPoint lectures around the region from Anaesthesia, ICM and Pathology Training days where trainees can either live stream or watch these videos at a later date on a secure and user-friendly cloud based system.


Dr Yuji Suzuki - GPST3

Digital Health and Entrepreneurship Fellow (2021-22)

My project was laying ground work for a new fellowship program which will train future trainees at gaining competence in adopting new health technology, building business cases, whilst conducting high quality research.


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