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Educational Resources for Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE)


Here are some active .pdf version of the national PLVE forms for assessments, and a PLVE Log Book. Please download and save these documents to a folder before opening them in Adobe Acrobat.

Some computers are set up to open .pdf files in alternative programmes (Macs especially)  or web browsers (Windows 10) . To ensure that the document is opened in Adobe reader follow these steps.
•    Save the document .pdf file in a folder on your computer or desktop.
•    Open Adobe reader on its own, and then use the ‘File’ command (top left corner) and then ‘Open’ command to browse to the place where you have stored the document .pdf file
•    Adobe reader should then open the document and you should be able to use it without any problems.


The PLVE Log Book is for the use of the VED, but of course requires input from the VS. 


Here are the assessment forms are for the two DOPS  ( Direct Observation of Procedural Skills) . These both need to be completed within the first two weeks of commencing the PLVE programme and the VS is then required to complete the Declaration form and return that to HEE.



These two assessment forms are for the ADEPT  ( A Dental Evaluation of Performance Tool) and the CbD (Case Based Discussion) . They are to be completed on a computer, (using Adobe reader), and then electronically signed by the VS.  Paper versions can be printed to be used during the assessment process.


This template will can be used to carry out a Clinical Records Audit.  Please discuss the completed audit with your VS and reflect upon the results.  You may need to re[eat the audit after a period to show the improvements brought about by changes of protocol. 


Here are the forms needed for carrying out the Multi Source Feedback (MSF) assessment. Please download the MSF questions and then send it by email to at least five colleagues. As a minimum of five people’s responses are needed to provide feedback in this exercise, it is suggested that you try to include ten colleagues as some of those invited may not reply. 
Please inform your colleagues that they should complete the form on a computer (using Adobe Reader) and then return it by email to your Validation Supervisor.  Your Supervisor will then be able to complete the MSF Summary form and share this with you. Please reflect carefully upon the feedback that you receive.


Here are the forms and summary sheet for carrying out a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ).
Download the PSQ Form and print about 50 copies. These should be given to consecutive patients within a 4-week period. This can be done by the receptionist. A minimum of 20 returned questionnaires are required but it will be helpful to you if you gain more responses.
The completed forms should be returned to your Validation  Supervisor who will then complete the PSQ Summary form.  Reflect on your patient feedback to understand how your treatment provision is regarded by others.

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