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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the launch page of the Mental Health and Wellbeing courses commissioned by the HEE Midlands and East Dental School.  
The courses available to support you are:

  • Change and Resilience – this course covers behaviour change and how to build personal resilience
  • Mental Health: Body and Mind – this course explains the links between physical and mental health and enables learners to establish routines beneficial for the mind and body
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety – this course will assist learners to manage everyday causes of anxiety and resultant stress
  • Work-Life Balance – this course explores the balance between work commitments and other interests to support learners to achieve a work-life balance which improves their health.

To access the programme you must first register by completing a registration page. 

Please note that in order to include all practice team members, it is not necessary to input a GDC number as part of the registration process, but this field should be completed by any registrants who wish to download GDC Enhanced CPD compliant certificates. 

It is necessary to insert a telephone number as this is a mandatory field.  We understand that some of you may prefer not to provide this information and, if so, we suggest that you insert a business number or a dummy telephone number.  

To register for the first time, please click on the button below.



If you are already registered and wish to return to your course, or enol on another course, please click on the button below and enter your chosen username and password.



Monday, 24 February, 2020
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Monday, 24 February, 2020