Training Programme Director:

Peter Russell  

Telephone: 01604 630984



Sarah Jarvis
Education Centre, Lister Hospital, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust,
Corey’s Mill Lane, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 4AB
Telephone: 01438 284700   


Let’s start at the end of Foundation Training………..what are we aiming for?  Employability.

This year is not about acquiring more ‘academic knowledge’ – you have plenty of that. This year is about you changing yourself from being an individual, competitive student into a team playing’ professional: it is about your immersion in the world of general dental practice and learning ‘how to work’ through extensive wide-ranging clinical experience. As such our scheme ethos is centred on collaborative learning through participation in practice and within the scheme. Our aim is to help you develop into proficient, caring clinicians who provide high quality outcomes for patients.

The Stevenage scheme, until summer 2015 known as the Welwyn Garden City Scheme, commenced in 2010. The scheme meets at the Lister Hospital Education Centre.

As a relatively new scheme it rapidly established a reputation for being forward thinking, innovative, creative and focused on developing the professional person’s readiness for the job market. With this approach, its close proximity to London, the quality, variety and location of its training practices, it rapidly attracted large numbers of high quality applicants and competition for places.

The scheme ethos is centred on active participation and interactive study days which support and complement the learning in practice. There is a strong emphasis on 'becoming a professional person' and tailoring the programme both at practice and Scheme level to respond to and support individual learning needs. Study days  provide a balanced and blended programme of hands on clinical skills days; interactive, small group teaching and learning sessions with speakers and Trainers - a variety that makes your DFT year interesting, challenging and importantly, fun!  You are expected to be proactive and self-directed in your learning. You will be expected to contribute, debate, challenge current thinking and justify your reasoning. You will present to a wide variety of audiences. The study days are your days and the more you participate the more you will gain.

The Stevenage Scheme is ideally suited for both those wishing to live in London and those looking for more affordable accommodation but still wanting easy access to the capital's attractions. Less than 30 minutes by train from London (King's Cross), and 5 minutes off the A1, there are excellent transport links and easy commuting to the hospital for study days.





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