The FP84 (October 2013)  form can be used for dentists only to claim travel/subsistence expenses for CPD and DF courses, not DCPs.

This form can NOT be used as a record of attendance at courses that have been attended, this will be recorded by a separate certificate.

The new form can be download from the box at the bottom of the page.

Travel by car

General Dental Practitioners using their own vehicle may claim a mileage allowance (for the shortest practicable route between practice and place visited) 24p per mile
An additional payment may be claimed (by the dentist driving) for carrying to the same course one named eligible dentist 5p per mile
If travel by rail involved, either tickets or receipts should be attached to claim forms.


Night allowance
Only actual receipted cost of bed and breakfast may be reimbursed and receipts must be submitted with the form FP84.
£55.00 (maximum)
Night allowance
Non-commercial accommodation (ie friend's or relative's)
Meals allowance per 24 hour period £20.00
Lunch allowance
Applicable when more than five hours away from practice, including the times
between 12.00 -2.00 pm.
Evening meal allowance
applicable when more than 10 hours away from surgery, after 19:00 hours.


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