This information was originally written for the 2010 curriculum, it will be updated for the 2021 curriculum soon.


These years are spent at District General Hospitals. Clinical modules of further training in intensive care and obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia are provided, together with focused training in specialties that may be individually available at each hospital, such as vascular surgery, local anaesthesia, pain relief, and maxillo-facial surgery.  Alongside these are organised training and experience in management and administration, audit, and teaching and training. There is ample opportunity to conduct clinical research.

In most cases the District General Hospital for the third year (ST5) of the rotation is selected at the time of appointment, and is usually one of those closer to the Hospitals selected for ST3/4.  Arrangements for the fourth year (ST6) are more flexible, but in principle this year will be spent at another District General Hospital that contrasts with the previous unit.


Out of Programme Training (OOPT)

Possible OOPT aspirations are discussed at the ARCP meetings or by contacting the senior Training Programme Director. Trainees need to be post FRCA, and ST5, 6 or 7. If OOPT is outside the UK, trainees must be back in this country for six months prior to the award of the CCT. Further information is available here:

Is there an East of England workbook for higher training?
Unlike for Core and Intermediate training there isn't a specific EoE workbook for higher and advanced training, to reflect the greater flexibility of these stages of training.
For higher training (ST5 & 6) the mandatory units are
neuro , cardiac ( as an EoE trainee you will usually have already completed both of these alongside your intermediate cardiac & neuro. The workbooks for each are available at the bottom of this page, and intermediate training page)
paeds (3 month block)
ICM ( 3 month block)
General duties- need to do 9 out of the 14 ( airway, CPR, and peri-op are mandatory)
There are also optional units eg ophthlamic
Please complete WPBA on the  eportfolio using codes from the RCoA curriculum. There is need to do only the minimum required by the curriculum ( unless requested by ES or CT). Once you have achieved the core learning outcomes, populate the CUT form with WPBA, log book for that unit, any associated courses/teaching etc, cons feedback and send to the module lead for signing. Any queries, please contact your ES or College Tutor.
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