Trainee Applications

Trainee Applications 2018/19

We are delighted to confirm our continued support of professional education via the Faculty of Educators’ Development Programme in the east of England (EoE) in 2018-19. 

There are twenty bursaries available this year. HEE EoE will administer the selection process and payment of the bursaries centrally. Bursaries are available for Postgraduate Certificates in Medical Education (or Simulation), up to the maximum amount of £3,000. Funding for Postgraduate Certificates in other subjects, Diplomas and Masters Courses will not be considered in this process. You must enrol and start the course in this financial year (April 2018 – March 2019).

If you're interested in applying for a bursary, please follow the Application Process, outlined below. 

If you have any questions, please contact


Application Process

Approval Process

1. Trainees are required to discuss their application with their Training Programme Director (TPD) and/or Head of School (HoS) and obtain their support, prior to applying to a University. Your TPD or HoS will consider supporting your application, if:

  • You will be ST3 or above and in a training programme which leads to a CCT in the EoE at the time the course for which you are applying starts
  • You are making truly outstanding progress with your training (including having had no adverse ARCP outcomes at any stage)
  • You have already shown a commitment to delivering medical education
  • Undertaking this course will help you to deliver an improvement in medical education in the east of England
  • This is the right stage of your training to be undertaking the course
  • Undertaking the course will not adversely affect your own clinical training or that of others  in your Trust/Programme

2. Once these discussions have taken place, trainees should apply to a Higher Education Institute (HEI), ideally in the east of England.

3. Trainees should then complete the application form and send it to, along with their HEI acceptance letter, before the deadline of Friday 21 September 2018

4. A panel of Senior Educators will then review each application and will rank them according to pre-determined criteria. This process will be completed by Friday 5 October 2018

5. Trainees will be informed of the outcome of their application, once all the applications have been reviewed and ranked.

6. The decision of the panel will be final and, as there is no additional funding available, there will be no right to appeal.

Priority will be given to applicants:

  • Whom we anticipate will be working in the East of England for at least the next three years
  • Who have applied for a course run by an HEI in the east of England
  • Who have already made a demonstrable and significant contribution to supporting medical education in the east of England
  • Who can clearly demonstrate that completing the Postgraduate Certificate will have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of medical education in the east of England in the future


Heads of School

As noted in the Application Process, the first stage of the process is that you should discuss your application with your Head of School. 

Please see below the relevant Head of School for each specialty:

Specialty Name of Head of School  Contact Details 
Anaesthetics Rowan Bernstein
Dental  Maria Ross-Russell
Emergency Medicine  Nam Tong
Foundation  Helen Johnson
General Practice  Janet Rutherford
Medicine  Fraz Mir
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Charlotte Patient
Ophthamology Anthony Vivian
Paediatrics  Wilf Kelsall
Pathology  Adrian Park
Psychiatry  Christopher O'Loughlin christopher.o'
Public Health  Jan Yates
Radiology  Stuart Williams
Surgery  Mark Bowditch