Dr Denise Braganza Training Committee Chair & Training Programme Director - Anglia
Dr Jeremey Sayer Recruitment Director - Essex
Dr Ian Williams Recruitment Director - Anglia / Devices - Anglia
Prof Martin Bennett Academic Adviser
Dr David Farwell Electrophysiology Representative - Essex
Dr Simon Fynn Electrophysiology Representative - Anglia
Dr Rosemary Rusk Imaging - Anglia
Dr Mark Scoote Imaging - Essex
Dr Nick West Intervention - Anglia
Dr Peter Schofield Consultant - Papworth
Dr Tim Gilbert Consultant - Norfolk and Norwich
Dr Fiona Walker Consultant, University College London Hospital
Dr Almgir Kabir  Consultant / Education Supervisor - Basildon
Dr Vass Vassiliou Trainee Representative - Anglia
Dr Parag Gajendradagkar Trainee Representative - Anglia
Dr Henry Savage Trainee Representative - Basildon
Dr Peter Pugh Educational Supervisor - Addenbrookes
Dr Paul Venables  Educational Supervisor - Ipswich
Dr Duncan McNab  Educational Supervisor - Ipswich
Dr Pegah Salahshouri  Educational Supervisor - West Suffolk
Dr Janusz Jagoda  Educational Supervisor - Hinchingbrooke
Dr Moj Goonewardene  Educational Supervisor - Bedford
Dr Diane Gorag  Educational Supervisor - Stevenage

Deanery Team


Dr Fraz Mir Head of School of Medicine & Associate Postgraduate Dean
Helen McKee Recruitment Manager


Thursday, 22 November, 2018
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Thursday, 22 November, 2018