Foundation E-Portfolio


Progress in all areas of professional life is increasingly dependent on records of the extent and nature of previous experience. This is difficult and inaccurate to do in retrospect; thus the habit of regular record keeping is best developed at the outset so that no opportunity is missed for the registration of higher professional recognition. Your internet based Electronic Professional Development Portfolio (E-Portfolio) is there for you to record your experiences and your reflections on a regular basis. It has been developed to allow you to plan your professional and personal development; to document your progress through the foundation programme; and allow you to demonstrate through evidence the attainment of knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is based on the Foundation Training Curriculum, which sets out the areas of dental practice that you will need to cover, and the standards that will be expected of you.

Completion of Dental Foundation Training is dependent upon your maintaining and keeping your E-Portfolio up-to-date. You will need to discuss your E-Portfolio with your Educational Supervisor at tutorials and at other times within the practice;and your Training Programme Director will also monitor your E-Portfolio and will discuss this with you when relevant. It is essential that the E-Portfolio is kept up to date and that all assessments are recorded fully.


Throughout the DFT year, assessments are carried out in practice. These are mainly of two types, a Dental Evaluation of Performance(ADEPT) and a Case based Discussion (CbD). However, other assessments are carried out, including a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire. At six weeks there is and Early Stage review (ESR) ant at six months there is an Interim Review of Competency Progression.  All the evidence for this review will be in your E-Portfolio.

At ten months there is a Final Review of Competency Progression (FRCP), which if satisfactory will allow the awarding of a Dental Foundation Training Certificate.

The E-Portfolio is still undergoing development and revision.